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This is purely a testing waters thread. I have had numerous individuals interested in wanting to buy this car. I have been on the fence since completing the build over the winter and have decided to gauge some interest.

NoRotors build thread - http://www.norotors.com/index.php?topic=21119.0

About the car: This is a LS1 swapped 1990 Mazda RX7 (FC) done right. No corners were cut and this car holds it's own on the strip and street. It is a pure monster and was designed and put together to hurt feelings on the street. I have received tons of compliments on outings and to local car events. I can honestly say this car gets a ton of attention at the local Cars and Coffee meets.

The car is a mild build. The heads are 243's with magic done by Brett Land at LandSpeed Development. They have a stage 3 port and polish, 5 angle, Ferrera intake valves, Manley exhaust valves, BTR springs and titanium retainers. These are the best ported 243's you can get using a stock bottom end LS motor. I will provide the spec sheet to anyone who is seriously interested in the car. There is $3500 in the heads alone. The cam is a custom grind COMP cam spec'ed for all motor and nitrous power and spec'ed by Brett Land himself. Brand new LS7 lifters were installed along with a custom set of .105 wall chromoly pushrods from Trend Performance in Detroit. All new OEM gaskets were used when installing the heads.

I wanted to be able to launch the car hard at the track. Thus, an 8.8 setup was installed using the Ronin 8.8 kit. The differential is out of a 2004 Ford Explorer and was completely rebuilt using OEM Ford parts by a Master Ford Technician. GT500 clutch packs were used during the rebuild. Gear ratio is 3.73. The road to a bullet proof rear end did not stop there. A set of Drive Shaft Shop Pro Level axles and 103mm Porsche hubs were installed to compliment the rear end setup. The driveshaft is a custom aluminum 3inch shaft with 1310 u-joints built by a shop here in Indianapolis. There's at least $5000 in the rear end setup alone.

The car has been driven the way it was meant to be driven. It has seen a handful of street pulls along with a few outings to the track. This car is easily a 140 car at the track and the street with the proper driver. I have been able to pull off a best ET of 10.6 and a best MPH of 135 on a 150 shot of nitrous / pump gas with low bottle pressure and bad shifts. On motor, the car has gone 11.1 @ 127, again on pump gas. Based on the power and time slips, this car has the capability to run high 9's around 140 on the bottle.

The car was tuned by Timmy Two Stage from Sound Performance in Chicago. He is a well known reputable tuner and tuned the car well.

Lets dive into what has been done to get the car where it is today.
Part (Engine)   MSRP   Vendor
2002 LS1 with 33k miles, T-56 transmission, harness, ECU, accessories   $4,000.00   Junkyard
LandSpeed Stage 3 243 LS6 Heads - 5 angle, port, polish, race spec heads   $1,099.99   LandSpeed Development
BTR Platinum Spring Kit with Titatinum Retainers   $299.99   LandSpeed Development
Ferrera Hallow Stem Intake Valves   $299.99   LandSpeed Development
Manley Hallow Stem Exhaust Valves   $179.99   LandSpeed Development
Custom Grind COMP Cam   $450.00   LandSpeed Development
LS7 Lifters   $125.00   LandSpeed Development
KATech C5Z Timing Chain   $150.00   LandSpeed Development
GM MLS Head Gaskets   $100.00   LandSpeed Development
Trend Performance 5/16 .105 wall chromoly pushrods   $275.00   Trend Performance
MightyMouse Oil Catch Can   $100.00   LS1Tech
C5Z Engine Covers   $130.00   Corvette Freaks
ATI Harmonic Super Balancer   $449.99   ATI
Hinson FC RX7 Super Cars Intake   $195.00   Hinson Motorsports
Hinson FC RX7 Super Cars Engine Mount Kit   $442.25   Hinson Motorsports
Hinson FC RX7 LS Swap Single Fan Cooling System   $595.00   Hinson Motorsports
Hinson FC RX7 Master Cylinder - Modified Wilwood 7/8"   $96.00   Hinson Motorsports
Hinson FC RX7 Hydraulic Slave Clutch Line   $106.00   Hinson Motorsports
PSC Motorsports Power Stearing Kit   $634.00   Performance Steering Componants
JTR 1 7/8 Calico Coated Headers   $960.00   JTR
42# Injectors   $120.00   LS1Tech
Ported LS1 Throttlebody   $125.00   LS1Tech
LS6 Intake Manifold   $400.00   LS1Tech
Aeromotive 340 Stealth Fuel Pump   $150.00   Amazon
Nitrous Outlet 78mm Wet Plate Kit   $749.99   Nitrous Outlet
Nitrous Outlet 10lb Nitrous Bottle   $225.00   Nitrous Outlet
NOS Nitrous Window Switch   $180.00   LS1Tech
Melling Oil Pump   $75.00   Summit Racing
Custom 3inch HKS Titanium Exhaust   $1,500.00   Fabrication Shop
QTP 3inch Electric Exhaust Cutout   $350.00   Summit Racing
Part (Rearend/Differential   MSRP   Vendor
Driveshaft Shop Pro-Level Axles   $2,099.99   RPM Transmissions
Ronin FC 8.8 IRS Kit   $1,199.99   Ronin Speedworks
Ford Explorer 8.8 Diff   $250.00   Junkyard
Ford Explorer 8.8 Diff Complete Rebuild   $220.00   Eric Walters
Ford Performance GT500 Carbon Clutches   $125.00   Summit Racing
3inch Aluminum Driveshaft for 8.8   $450.00   Indy Rack and Axle
8.8 Axles Built - OE Parts   $400.00   Indy Rack and Axle
Monster Stage 3 Clutch   $450.00   LS1Tech
Pro 5.0 Shifter Kit   $150.00   LS1Tech
Part (Exterior & Suspension)   MSRP   Vendor
FC3S RX7 Spec-RE Sideskirts (Carbon Fiber)   $450.00   Shine Auto
FC3S RX7 Spec-RE Pro Rear Diffuser (Carbon Fiber)   $450.00   Shine Auto
FC3S RX7 Type 1 Front Lip (Carbon Fiber)   $350.00   Shine Auto
MT ET Streets - 275/40/17   $464.00   Fathouse Fabrications
Weld Prostars / Hoosier QTP Slicks   $200.00   RX7-Steve-NoRotors
5Zigen FN-01 Wheels   $1,200.00   5Zigen (Discontinued)
Energy Suspension Bushings   $150.00   Energy Suspension
Battle Version Adjustable Toe Links   $230.00   Battle Version
SuperNow Camber Links   $100.00   SuperNow (Discontinued)
Tokico Blue Front Struts (2)   $250.00   NoRotor Forum
KYB AGX Rear Struts (2)   $252.00   NoRotor Forum
Tanabe GF210 Springs   $256.00   NoRotor Forum
Racing Beat Strut Tops   $255.00   Racing Beat LLC
BLOX Racing 12x1.5mm Magnesium Lug Nuts   $100.00   BLOX Racing/Amazon
Mazda RX7 Turbo II Front & Rear Calipers   $300.00   NoRotor Forum
Car Re-painted Porsche Guards Red (2 years old)   Uknown   Unknown
OEM Mazda RX7 Turbo II Hood      
OEM Mazda RX7 Turbo II Rear Wing      
OEM Mazda RX7 Clear FTP Lenses      
HID Headlights      
Aerocatch Carbon Hood Pins      
Part (Interior)   MSRP   Vendor
OEM Black Mazda Turbo II Front Seats   Unknown (discontinued)   Unknown (discontinued)
Custom Gauge Cluster   Unknown (discontinued)   Unknown (discontinued)
Custom Suede Door Cards   Unknown (discontinued)   Unknown (discontinued)
Custom Suede Headliner   Unknown (discontinued)   Unknown (discontinued)
Custom Suede Armrest   Unknown (discontinued)   Unknown (discontinued)
Custom Suede Shift Boot   Unknown (discontinued)   Unknown (discontinued)
Personal Quick Release Steering Wheel   $285.00   JHP USA
NRG Quick Release Hub   $85.50   JHP USA
Flossy Weighted Shift Knob   Unknown (discontinued)   Unknown (discontinued)
Interior is herculined, dynomat'd and boom mat'd   Uknown   Unknown
Part (Misc)   MSRP   Vendor
Anodizing PS bracket, lug nuts, MC brace, KATech Pulley   $100.00   Jeff Dodson
Powder Coating for 5Zigen wheels, valve covers, fuel rail   $450.00   Shane Marshall
ARP Crank Bolt   $35.00   ARP/Amazon
ARP Thermostat Housing Bolt kit for LS1   $8.00   ARP/Amazon
AC Delco GM Knock Sensors (2)   $75.00   AC Delco/Amazon
LS6 Valley Cover   $125.00   Summit Racing
LS6 Timing Cover and Gasket Kit   $100.00   Summit Racing
ARP Head Bolt Kit LS1/LS6   $225.00   Summit Racing
Total Invested:   $26,403.67   

Mileage is unknown on the chassis, but should be around 130k miles. There is absolutely zero rust on the body or chassis. This FC is in the top percentile of FC's on the road today without any rust or corrosion on the body. For a 25 year old car, this is a excellent example of an RX7. If you wanted to build this type of FC today, with the same parts used, you would be looking at $24,000-$26,000. Only the best parts were used.

Some con's about the car:
This is a 25 year old car. The body is in great shape and so is the paint. The only area that needs attention, would be the interior. I am an extremely OCD person though and to most, this car is fine the way it is. From the dash to the cargo bins, the interior is pretty much complete. The rear hatch area is semi-complete, and I do have the pieces to complete it. The car is not perfect and is meant to be a full out race car.

The car is ready to be taken to the next level and I am on the fence about taking it to that level.

My price to let the car go, would be $17,000. Of course, anything is negotiable.

The best method of contact to reach me would be a message on here, or a call/text to my mobile - 317.36two.five754


Additional pictures can be found in my build thread - http://www.norotors.com/index.php?topic=21119.0

Parts WTB / WTB: FC Black Door Vents
« on: May 18, 2015, 09:34:15 AM »
Looking to buy driver and passenger side door panel vents, in black. Very good condition is preferred.

Picture for reference.

General Tech / (FC) Best Drop In Fuel Pump?
« on: April 24, 2015, 09:59:52 AM »
The current Supra fuel pump in the 7 is on its last legs. From personal experiences, what is the best drop in factory replacement fuel pump out there?
I've been looking at the following (in no particular order):
- Aeromotive 340 Stealth
- Walbro 450
- Bosch 044
- DW300

Stock FC lines are being used along with a C4 regulator. Any input is appreciated!

Pics and Videos / 800+ HP Procharged GTO vs. Nitrous LS1 FC RX7
« on: April 20, 2015, 03:41:31 PM »
First night taking the car out on spray. Mind you I had less than 15min of seat time making nitrous hits on the street before this race. I'm happy with the results, but definitely need more seat time and improve on some shifting while spraying. First run I missed 3rd, 2nd run was clean.

Filmed in Mexico.

GTO has a forged iron 408, E85, fuel setup, 8.8, etc..


Since going with ported 243's and a custom grind cam, my old setup is now up for sale. This combo made a nice 390/390 on two(2) separate Dynojets.  The setup has also gone 11.1 @ 123 in the 1/4 mile by me. 10.96 @ 129 with the previous owner.

LS1 241's with under 36k miles - yes, I am not kidding. These are really low mileage heads. I would say all of the below have less than 4k miles on them. They look great!
- Dual Valve Springs and Retainers. Unsure of the mileage and brand, but they look brand new practically. (PM'd original owner asking about this)
- COMP Pushrods. 7.400" #7638-16 (I will double check this when I get home).
- Roller Rockers NOT included.
Everything above is SOLD

TR 224/224 112 +2 LSA Cam

I am open to any offers. Buyer pays shipping. Will provide pictures upon request. Parts are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Parts WTB / WTB: 1990 GXL (FC) Interior Mirror Covers
« on: December 17, 2014, 09:59:04 AM »
As the title states. Looking to buy a set of black mirror covers for a GXL - I believe these are all universal for the FC?

A new set goes for around $45 shipped online. So willing to work out a good deal if anyone has a set.


Parts WTB / WTB: 1990 GXL Interior A-Pillars
« on: December 17, 2014, 09:57:11 AM »
As the title states. Looking to buy a nice set of black GXL A-Pillars. I will leave this up for a month to see if anyone has any. I've been searching for a set for almost a year now with no luck. I would rather not spend $120 per side for brand new OEM ones, but I haven't ruled that option out either.

Willing to give a fair amount of money for a clean set. I will pay shipping and PayPal fee's.


Build Threads / Alex's Street/Strip 1990 LS1 FC
« on: December 05, 2014, 09:17:52 AM »
Well, it's about time I put up a build thread. You could say things are.....getting a bit serious around the garage.  :)

This car was formally owned by "HTH3r0" and "Arkady" on here. I acquired the car earlier last year with the LS1 swap already in it. Once spring and summer rolled around the corner, I took it to the track and ran into a few issues. Obviously, I couldn't keep the thing from breaking. So I put in a Ford 8.8 rear end and started breaking stockish axles every time I went to the track - the joy of launching on a drag radial!

Since then, I've "woken up" the car a bit with a set of 243 heads, custom cam, and nitrous.

What are my goals? To basically have a super light street car to have fun with on and off of the street.

I would also like to see low 10.XX passes @ 130 on motor. Who knows on nitrous. I guess we will find out.

2002 FBody LS1 with 33k miles - tucked harness
Brett "Landspeed" Stage 3 243's
Custom grind COMP cam for all motor / nitrous
Nitrous Outlet 78mm Plate Kit
GFO Racing Intake
LS6 Intake Manifold
Ported LS6 TB
ATI Damper
PSC Power Steering Kit
JTR 1 7/8 Calico coated headers into 4" Vibrant midpipe with QTP electronic cutout with dash mounted switch to 3" HKS Carbon Ti mufflers
42# Injectors
Automotive 340 Stealth
Hinson Supercars engine mount kit
C5Z Engine Covers

T56, 13k miles since rebuild
Monster Stage 3 Clutch
Pro 5.0 Shifter
Ronin 8.8 IRS Rear Differential Kit
Ford 8.8 IRS - Ford Performance GT500 internals
3.73 Gears
Driveshaft Shop Complete Pro-Level Axle/Hub Kit

Suspension & Wheels
5zigen FN-01 17x8 - Front, 17x10 - Rear, polished finish
225 Michelin Pilot Super Sports - Front
275 Mickey Thompson ET Streets - Rear
Energy Suspension bushings
Battle Version adjustable toe links
Supernow camber link
Adjustable camber links
Tokico blue front struts
KYB AGX rear struts
Tanabe GF210 springs
Racing Beat strut tops

Painted Porsche Guards Red
ShineAuto carbon front lip
ShineAuto carbon side skirts
ShineAuto carbon rear diffuser
Aerocatch carbon hood pins
Turbo2 hood
Turbo2 wing
Clear FTP lenses
HID headlights

Black Turbo2 seats
Custom gauge cluster
Suede door cards
Suede headliner
Suede armrest
Suede shift boot
Personal steering wheel
NRG Quick Release
Flossy weighted shift knob
Interior is herculined, dynomat'd and boom mat'd

On the Dyno after a few months of having the car.

Here's a video of a dyno pull. Car made 390/389.


Passes on the old TII rear end. Pretty consistent.

Then the stock TII rear end went boom. And this happened.

Ronin 8.8 kit.

Grinding down the 8.8 to make it fit at Fathouse Fabrications. Thanks to Eric for the fresh rebuild with nice internals.

Big brother, little brother.

8.8 is in!

Then a new PB happened shortly after.

...and then this happened shortly after.

Fixed the axle in time for the annual SNS NoRotors meet. Decided to officially weigh the car. She's pretty heavy!

Cleaned up before winter rolled in.

Here's one of the 243's before being sent off to Brett @ LandSpeed.

Parts for Sale / FC 8.8 IRS Complete Axles - Like New - Ronin Axle Bars
« on: November 20, 2014, 11:38:11 AM »

As the title states. Up for sale is a set of FC 8.8 Axles ready to go. I am upgrading to DSS axles over the winter.

These axles are like new and complete ready to bolt into a Ronin 8.8 FC conversion.

Driver side axle: OEM 929 Mazda Outer, Ronin Axle bar, Ford 8.8 Inner.
Passenger side axle: OEM TII Mazda Outer, Ronin axle bar, Ford 8.8 Inner.

These are freshly built with very little miles on them. Save yourself some money during your 8.8 conversion! From what I have heard, Ronin will sell just the 8.8 mount cradle without their axle bars. I believe the axle bars themselves are $400-$450, but I could be slightly off. Since the Ronin 8.8 Kit itself is $1200, these are a steal.


Drivetrain / 8.8 IRS FC - Destroying Outers
« on: October 10, 2014, 10:25:13 AM »
So I keep destroying Mazda outers on my FC. The only time they "snap", is when I launch hard at the track. I have gone through 2 OEM Mazda outers in a month. One was a TII outer, and the other is a 929 outer.

Details -
390/390 on the dyno.
Ronin 8.8
Stock Ford inners
TII/929 Mazda Outers
Using KYB AGX shocks in the rear - set in the middle.
275 MT ET Streets
16psi of tire pressure at the track.
Launching between 5-6k.

60ft is usually in the 1.60-1.79 range.

What the hell am I doing wrong?

Have some parts laying around ever since going to an 8.8 rear end setup. I have the following available for sale. Pictures upon request.

- Broken S4 TII Differential - complete including mounts and pinion flange. I broke something inside, likely the LSD is shot, along with the pinion gear at minimum. Differential will need to be rebuilt. Car still drove with a clunking noise below 20mph. Unknown mileage.
   Price: $Anything (local pickup only). Located in Indianapolis, IN.

- Aluminum T56 Driveshaft for a T56 to TII differential. Low mileage, likely under 10k miles. Good condition, ready to bolt up and use. Used on a Hinson motor and trans mount LS1 setup. Super light weight.
  Price: SOLD (Can be shipped). Use area code 46123 and around 15lbs for the shipping quote.

Email: alexgonz at iupui.edu
Mobile: 317.three6two.57five4

Drag Racing / New PB - Lucas Oil Raceway
« on: July 04, 2014, 03:18:18 PM »
Only made 2 passes this past Wednesday. Sadly, I broke something in the TII rear on this 11.58 pass. But I don't really care because it's the fastest I've ever been down the track. Still getting used to her but I can feel more in her. It also went 120 on the first pass.

This car is formerly "HTh3r0's" on here.


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