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Re: SuperSlow's slow FC build
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I dont have any good pics of either but I took a couple pics of the fitment of the 29.5s.


Not sure if that will work as i am on my phone.

The 29.5s looked HUGE, filling up the entire wheel well but the 28s look tiny. It's crazy how much difference there is even tho they are labeled as only 1.5 inches taller.

I just swapped back to the radials earlier this evening but I'll post pics of the new slicks when I put them back on.

And it was just my luck, caught a big staple in the new slicks that is causing a slow leak. Third week in a row for me to go to my tire guy but I'll have him put the tubes in tomorrow.

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Re: SuperSlow's slow FC build
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The 28's have been great so far! Here is the video from the street race I mentioned before:

Been cranking up the boost as much as I can, still on the 80lb injectors. Duty cycle is 112% at about 20lbs but afr is still holding fine so I haven't swapped to the 210's yet.

Boost doesn't seem to increase as much after about 50% duty on the EBoost. Think the ebay core is holding this little turbo back.

Plan to swap to a garret core and new electric fan (something more slim than the taurus fan) with much better ducting. That or sell everything and start the s480 build, for sale thread has been posted. Would be nice if I could sell everything as a whole kit and start from scratch but I doubt that will happen.