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Author Topic: Don't flame me! Any plans to develop some RX8 components?  (Read 372 times)

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Don't flame me! Any plans to develop some RX8 components?
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I'm already a Ronin customer on my FC, and will likely be doing some Ronin stuff on my FD. Are there any plans to develop any RX8 swap components? Love it or hate it, the RX8 is a great chassis with a not so great engine. There is a company called Keisler Automation making GM LFX swap along with the Camaro rear differential. They produce a really nice CNC'd mounting bracket similar to what you're  doing on the FC diff swap for $1800 and includes the Camaro axles and the rear cover + mount along with the front mount. Just throwing it out there as I think the RX8 would be a more popular choice if the engine wasn't so terrible at making power and being reliable...
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Re: Don't flame me! Any plans to develop some RX8 components?
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No worries!

We actually own an RX8 test mule but R&D has slowed down a bit with COVID and other priorities.  We do have an 8.8 available already.  https://www.roninspeedworks.net/index.php?route=product/product&path=70&product_id=97.

Making the grande 8.8 is a no brainer.  Engine mounting was in work but has paused.  Anything in particular you think we should look at?
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