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88 FC LS1
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Hi all,
I've been lurking for a few months and figured it's probably about time to post an intro. About me: I'm a college student in Electrical Engineering and this is only my second car, the first of which was a '70 Nova. With world events, my internship went remote so I was home where the tools and expertise were all summer. I was already in the market for a car (previously looking for a wrx) so when I came across a black 1988 RX-7 with no engine or transmission for $600, I knew the only sane choice was to buy it and drop in an LS. I was hoping to have it finished by the end of the summer, but unfortunately that didn't happen; in no small part because we already had a 10 year Jeep Wrangler crawler build in the finishing stages and a Land Rover Discovery II LS swap occurring at the same time. As it sits, she has an LS1/T56 from a 2001 Camaro installed on Ronin mounts, a 5-lug swap, and a Ronin 8.8 90% installed. The remaining big jobs I know of are finishing the diff, electrical, exhaust, and getting the engine running (finding and installing a radiator, plumbing everything, wiring it all up). Unfortunately, I had to go back to college so very little work is being done atm so she wont be done until I can get home and get to working on her again at the end of the semester.
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Re: 88 FC LS1
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Looking good.  What do you estimate your final budget and power levels to be at when its 'done'?
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Re: 88 FC LS1
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Thanks, ~$14k when "done" at ~350 at the flywheel - don't really want to be any higher than that on all season tires at this weight.