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Hi, I am Wayne and I just learned about this forum while at LS Fest this weekend.  We completed my LC9 swap just in time to load it on the trailer for the tow to Bowling Green from Knoxville.  I got the new driveshaft on Wednesday and the first time the car moved under its own power was pulling into the trailer.   As expected, we had teething issues but still got to show the car off and let the Holley engineers dial in the FI system.  I hope to learn a lot from y'all and maybe help others.  I raced RX3's, 7's and Spec Miata before retirement and now just wanted to build a track day car for fun.

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Welcome to the forum.
You'll find lots of very sharp guys here.
1995 FD, 7.0 Liter stroked LS3, T56, 8.8, Samberg kit.