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Author Topic: [SOLD] 1993 RX-7 with LS3 T56 - $17,500  (Read 971 times)

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[SOLD] 1993 RX-7 with LS3 T56 - $17,500
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Car has been SOLD, thank you all for the interest and for being such a helpful community.

Hi all,

I'm looking to see if there is any interest in my 1993 RX-7 with an LS3 swap currently putting out almost exactly 400HP to the wheels. There is a lot to say about this car, so please read below for full details.

First I will be up front that this car is not in pristine condition. It has some minor body damage on the driver side along the rear wheel well. It also has an unpainted headlight cover (also driver side) and some other more minor chips and dings as you might expect in a ~30 year old car. The interior is in good but not exceptional condition- seats are showing age but have no rips or tears. All electronics (windows, moonroof) work. Some of the plastic pieces inside have the tacky feel that the FD is notorious for. I did my best to take pictures of all the damage and give a fair representation of this car, please see my imgur album below.


The good:
I spared no expense on this engine swap. The LS3 is out of a 2013 Camaro with ~20k miles. The T56 is rebuilt and upgraded to handle up to 1,000hp. I have only put around 300 miles on the car since the swap was completed so the total mileage is extremely low. I also had the clutch and flywheel replaced while the engine was out of the car so that should not need changed for several years to come.

This swap was done with a Sikky LS swap kit. Sikky headers are also installed. Radiator is a Samberg complete kit and looks extremely slick (see pictures). The engine bay of this car looks extremely clean and easily has over 20k invested in this alone. Wiring is the stock harness. ECU has been professionally tuned by WeaponX motorsports. MGW shifter is installed and this car feels fantastic to shift and drive around. Fuel pump was recently upgraded from stock and should be good to handle even more horsepower if you are interested in adding bolt-ons.  Battery is relocated to rear. Samberg rear diff mount installed. All the "little things" that are needed to make this swap work right should be done- Dakota SGI5, Corvette fuel regulator, exhaust install, and tuning are all taken care of. Aftermarket stereo is also installed with bluetooth and Android Auto- touch screen and takes up same space as original radio & CD changer. Works very well and looks clean within interior.

The Bad:
As mentioned above, the body needs some TLC. The damage on the body is minimal, but I no longer have the motivation to fix it up any further. a $3,000 wrap may have this car looking amazing and buy time to touch up the paint. Car has no A/C. Gauges currently do not work- I intended to install an AIM digital dash and never bothered to get them working. Pretty easy to drive anyway- idle in 3rd is 25mph, idle in 4th is ~40mph. Switches inside the car are not in great shape- missing a few small clips to hold them in (see pictures of driver side). Also exhaust was installed below transmission tunnel, which makes it extremely low (~2 inches off the ground). No idea why my exhaust shop did this, there is room to place it next to the transmission and increase the driveability. Just a frustration for curbs and potholes, no impact on performance.

Finally, to be as straightforward as possible, I have had a lot of trouble with this car. That has been admittedly a major factor in me looking to sell. About a month ago the car started sputtering after hard acceleration and would eventually die on me. It would start back up, but was still a pain to deal with. That was the final straw that made me look to sell. However, I also took the car to a great local shop (WeaponX) and he discovered an issue with the current fuel pump, a bad fuel relay, and some wiring that had bad connections on one end. I have put in about 3 grand to get the issues in this car reviewed top to bottom and it is currently driving great.

If you are still reading this, thanks for your interest. Feel free to PM me and I can provide any details on the work, receipts, or other pictures you may want. If I get no interest at this price point I will just keep it and get the body refreshed over winter. This is a long shot but I am planning on putting this money towards a GT-R, so if anyone would like to trade + 35-45k on my end please reach out.
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Re: [For Sale] 1993 RX-7 with LS3 T56 - $17,500
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Re: [For Sale] 1993 RX-7 with LS3 T56 - $17,500
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Re: [For Sale] 1993 RX-7 with LS3 T56 - $17,500
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Cincinnati/Dayton oh area. Roughly between the two

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Re: [For Sale] 1993 RX-7 with LS3 T56 - $17,500
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Re: [For Sale] 1993 RX-7 with LS3 T56 - $17,500
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You caught me with my pants down! GLWS. Been Lurking forums for 15 years, Sold my FC in 2006. Just got into a diesel recently. Very Reasonably priced IMO

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Re: [For Sale] 1993 RX-7 with LS3 T56 - $17,500
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This doesn't seem to have any issues that couldn't be fixed pretty easily.
Bodywork and paint is what it is.
The interior parts will probably be the most difficult stuff to find.
Seems like a good deal for someone looking to personalize it to their tastes.
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Re: [For Sale] 1993 RX-7 with LS3 T56 - $17,500
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