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Author Topic: New with a whole lot to learn.  (Read 1584 times)

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Re: New with a whole lot to learn.
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Yes sir; I would likely use a prefabbed cage of high quality. My first job was an iron workers helper. I can freehand a router pretty well. I would definitely be more concerned with rigidity over great looks. Gotta settle somewhere, but not on safety on a 1000+ hp car that may well end up going to one of my boys. I can clean the crap outa ugly welds though. I won't be going it alone either. That would be a bad idea. I have testicles, and can be pretty stupid, but you gotta draw the line somewhere right?  But there are quality cages for the fc if I'm not mistaken. Couldn't bolt up units still be welded up?

Thanks for all the advise

Just wanted to point out about the welding cage item and your comment above about cleaning welds. I think this applies to all the different governing bodies like NHRA and SCCA that it is against the regulation to clean up welds on a roll cage. I have some welding experience but even then i'm still on the fence about welding my own cage. Just something to consider.

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Re: New with a whole lot to learn.
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Good to know. Thank you.

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Re: New with a whole lot to learn.
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I'm a pretty competent (well, vaguely competent) welder, and I won't weld a cage.
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