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Author Topic: SOLD: 1994 Mazda Rx7 Touring- 25k mile LS6/T56 swap  (Read 3120 times)

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SOLD: 1994 Mazda Rx7 Touring- 25k mile LS6/T56 swap
« on: February 26, 2020, 10:27:00 PM »
It pains me to do this, but i'm tentatively posting my rx7 for sale. I've owned it since late 2017 and it has been my daily until recently (still has ac and ps). I've put about 10k miles/year on it (23k total) and have enjoyed every second of it, but i'm graduating college soon and it makes more sense to pay off my student loans than to have a car that I only drive a few times a month (just picked up a miata to keep the miles off the rx7).  It has been hands down my favorite car I have ever owned. Its such a blast to drive and gets tons of compliments every time I drive it. Between the ls torque and reliability and the rx7's beauty, its the perfect daily.

A little history of the car under my ownership:
I purchased it with a stock ls1/t56 from an 04 gto with ~65k miles; the swap was originally done by SPEED 1 in PA when the drivetrain had 60k miles and the car underwent pretty much a complete restoration at the time with new paint (code 17w), superpro bushings, and most of the underbody was replaced with samberg parts. I put 15k miles on that setup before deciding I wanted more power, so I purchased a 23k mile ls6 and 5k mile f-body t56 from a fellow member and dropped it off at the only shop in North FL I know of with experience swapping rx7's (CARS in Tallahassee) to install the new drivetrain. During the swap, I had them install a new monster stage 2 clutch, lightweight flywheel, NGK plugs, MSD plug wires, heat wrap the clutch line, install a new water pump, and anything else the car needed to be perfect. I ended up spending close to $10k when all was said and done, but for the same price as doing heads/cam on the ls1, I got a drivetrain that is essentially brand new so it was well worth the expense.

Prior to the swap, the setup made 410whp/400wtq with a steel driveshaft, old spark plugs/wires, and a decent tune, but Mike from Vengeance Racing--a world renowned lsx tuner--happened to be in Tallahassee so I had him re-tune the car and the difference was night and day; It pulls way harder and has GOBS of torque everywhere. Since the only dyno in town is trash, he ended up street tuning it instead which provides better drivability than a dyno tune, but without the dyno number bragging rights. He offered to throw it on their in house dyno and touch up the tune for $99 if I was ever in Atlanta but I have yet to make the trip up there. The std-corrected butt dyno says its making 420-440whp but I'd need to get it on a proper dyno to confirm those numbers. Since the swap was completed in early 2019, I've only put about 3000 miles on the car and the first 1000 were breaking in the clutch, so I think its time for someone else to enjoy her.

LS6 - approximately 23k miles on it
Cartek 2x heads
Stainless valves 2.02 intake, 1.57 exhaust
Dual springs
Titanium retainers
Milled .030 (60cc chambers, 11.3 CR)
Cartek 2x cam 224/228 113lsa .590 lift
Stage 2 ported intake
30# injectors
Rollermaster double roller timing chain
High flow 160 thermostat
Improved Racing Oil Pan Baffle
GTO accessories with a new starter and water pump in the last 3k miles.
NGK iridium IX plugs
MSD plug wires
F-body T56 transmission (new when installed and <8,000 miles on it)
Monster stage 2 clutch and 18 lb flywheel (3k miles)

Samberg subframe
Samberg trans mount
Samberg diff mount
Samberg radiator/fans (car NEVER overheats)
BBS LM 3-piece wheels (F:18x8 40mm R:18x9 40mm) $6k
Dunlop Direzza zii* spec tires (F:235/40/18 R:265/35/18)
Ohlins DFV coilovers
Rotary Extreme trailing arms& toe links
Improved racing front strut tower brace
Sake Bomb Projector HIDs with new 35w ballasts
Stainless braided brake lines all 4 corners
Summit Fuel Regulator/gauge, Walbro 255 in tank pump
JTR 1 3/4" long tube headers into Y-pipe through a SS silencer finished by a Blitz NUR Spec stainless Cat back. (collectors V-banded) car sounds amazing with a nice, lopey idle and pops like crazy on decel.
Driveshaft shop aluminum custom balanced driveshaft
Custom harness (Sikky if i remember correctly, PCM is in passenger floor location)
Oil cooler utilized with big AN braided lines and XRP fittings (6 quart capacity with the cooler)
Dakota digital speedo module
Dakota digital tach module
Momo Steering wheel (alcantra)
NRG hub with lock & keys
MGW short throw shifter (can't recall what knob off-hand)
Optima yellow top in passenger bin (replaced in 2019)
Super-pro bushings

99 spec front bumper and lip
Rear bumper & 99 spec tailights
Efini Badges front and rear
Side marker lights mounted on fenders (BMW signals ---yes they work lol)
Shaved antenna (xm satellite antenna on roof)
NRG hood struts

Exterior is an 8.5 of 10. There are couple very small spots that were touched up, one door ding on the drivers door, and some stress cracks in the paint on the front bumper which is only noticeable inside five feet.  The car was originally a brilliant black but the car was completely torn down for paint, with the door and trunk jams being painted pearl white (my favorite color on an RX7 personally).  Fenders have been cut/rolled and done right-- unless you feel under the wheel well you would have no idea. Antenna shaved.  Windows tinted professionally.

Interior is a 9/10. The floor mats, carpet, window switches, and many interior parts have been replaced due to age/wear. All trunk pieces present except the spare tire which got misplaced during a move. Other than the passenger door kick plate having broken tabs, everything else is great. Gauges are real nice, especially at night with white LED dash instrument lighting. All the Stock Gauges all work, the Speedometer is calibrated perfectly for wheels/tires.  Oil pressure gauge every once in awhile acts quirky like all stock FD ones. Custom HVAC knobs.
Pioneer Windows APP radio double din
Aftermarket Speakers (Can't remember the brand)

The radio stopped working last year but I always had it off to listen to the exhaust anyways, so it was a nonissue for me. If you wanted music again, double din's can be had for $100-200 and you'll be good to go. The power steering rack has developed a small leak from the drivers side boot but it doesn't leak enough to warrant a rebuild yet. It has most of the typical rx7 "issues" (click start, bouncing tach, intermittent oil presure gauge). I've replaced the starter, run a jumper wire to bypass the security relay, and installed a new ignition switch in hopes of fixing the click start but it still occasionally happens.

I'm asking $31,500. My price slightly negotiable, but I have well over my asking price in the car and dont necessarily need to sell it, so I wont budge a ton on the price for now.

I'm open to trades plus 15-20k cash. The only straight trades I would make would be for a nicely modded r32 gtr, a boosted vette, or anything worth 35k+. Other cars i'd consider trading for, would be an 06-08 Forester xt sports/xti, a boosted s2000, ls/2j swapped 240, most 90's imports like the soarer, aristo, celsior, etc. or other fun cars in the 10-20k range.

For non-members pics can be seen here:
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Re: 1994 Mazda Rx7 Touring- 25k mile LS6/T56 swap
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where in florida are you located?
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Re: 1994 Mazda Rx7 Touring- 25k mile LS6/T56 swap
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Nice looking car.
The FD is one of the only cars that I think looks good in white.
1995 FD, 7.0 Liter stroked LS3, T56, 8.8, Samberg kit.

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Re: 1994 Mazda Rx7 Touring- 25k mile LS6/T56 swap
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oh man.. I have a turbo s2000. I'd love an rx7. Long ways away tho

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Re: 1994 Mazda Rx7 Touring- 25k mile LS6/T56 swap
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I have a clean R33 GTST with Built RB25 on Haltech. Hate to sell the car, but Ive been kicking around the idea to get into another FD thats more streetable. (my current fd is just a Turbo LS race car with no HVAC). Let me know if you're interested. I'm in MD but I have a truck and trailer  :cheers:
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Re: 1994 Mazda Rx7 Touring- 25k mile LS6/T56 swap
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If you're willing to add sone cash on top I'd be open to it!

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Re: 1994 Mazda Rx7 Touring- 25k mile LS6/T56 swap
« Reply #6 on: March 05, 2020, 02:14:32 PM »
Also, chrisdevasher reminded me I forgot to post my contact info. I'm in Tallahassee, Fl and if anyone has any questions feel free to shoot me a text at (563) 650 8909. I work weird hours around school so please text first, then we can always set up a time to call and discuss the car.

Re: 1994 Mazda Rx7 Touring- 25k mile LS6/T56 swap
« Reply #7 on: March 25, 2020, 04:06:39 PM »
Beautiful car. I hope you have this for sale in a couple months. This is exactly what I've been dreaming about for the past 10 years.  :cheers:

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Re: 1994 Mazda Rx7 Touring- 25k mile LS6/T56 swap
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did you  paint the engine bay black?
 i thought i remembered this car from the norotors facebook and sure as heck it was but the bay use to be color matching? looks a little better paint wise! from miami?

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Re: 1994 Mazda Rx7 Touring- 25k mile LS6/T56 swap
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I might have posted it there, but the engine bay has always been black and its never been in Miami as far as I know. I bought it in Tennessee and its spent the last few years In Tallahassee with me haha