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044 pump surge tank mount
« on: October 12, 2019, 10:39:12 PM »
I'm going to make a surge tank that fits between the subframe and tank. I want the pump to be mostly submerged but cannot seem to find a seal.

Anyone have ideas?

Worst case I but some cheap crap tank off eBay and make it my own.
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Re: 044 pump surge tank mount
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I'm using an Integrated Engineering (IE) surge tank which looks to be what a lot of the eBay sellers have knocked off. It has a beefy 1/2" bulkhead and submerges and seals a single or double 044 pump with an oring. I have mine mounted on it's side and still works well. It also uses ORB fittings so no wories about getting thread tape inside the tank. I believe someone did a write up on rx7club installing an IE surge where you're suggesting.
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