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Boosted 93 FD
« on: October 09, 2019, 12:02:46 PM »
93 vr rx7 with boosted LS.

More pics at

    653rwhp/654rwtq on 93 with another 100 with filter hat off. Under 3k miles on build. Machined and built 6.0 LS with forged guts, D1SC procharged, 8.8 Cobra IRS. Built T56 and still has AC, PS, and PB. I don't think there's another one anywhere that has everything I just listed.

    119k chassis miles VIN: JM1FD331XP0200723

    Clean title, no wrecks, no flood, no issues, no history that I’m aware of.

    Samberg Trans mount, Hinson K member, Pez fabbed cradle for 8.8

    Tuned by “Frost” (Steve Williams). Runs safe.

    Iron block 6.0 LS bored .30 over, New cam/main/rod bearings, hardware, etc. Rotating assembly balanced, heads worked and cleaned up,etc.

    Compression is perfect on all 8 cylinders.

    Wiseco Forged -11cc pistons 6444x3

    Texas Speed forged H beam connecting rods

    LS3 crankshaft

    ARP crank main hardware

    ARP head studs

    ARP rod bolts.

    ATI 918853 Super Damper harmonic balancer

    ATI crank pin kit (3gsmm-001)

    LS3 823 heads

    Straub Technologies trunnion and trunnion bushing upgrade

    Comp Cams Camshaft XR277HR

    Dual spring

    Comp Cams 7.40 .080 hardened pushrods

    FAST 102mm Throttle body

    FAST 102mm intake manifold

    D1SC Procharger running a 3.55” pulley

    Aster bracket and 8-rib belt (no slip)

    Gates Fleet-runner “green” belt for blower

    Procharger ProFlow by-pass/surge valve

    OPL silicone elbows

    CB Performance LSX 8.65” crank pulley

    Brute Speed Water pump

    Custom fabricated blower inlet hat with dual filter setup. It’s a pretty cool piece, allows for massive filter in air dam and a small one in engine bay. K&N socks on both K&N filters. Powdercoated black along with dust guard in front of tire.

    “truck coils” with the cooling fins

    Mighty Mouse Solutions catch can

    LS9 MLS head gaskets

    F body oil pan

    NGK 3346/BR7EF Spark plugs

    Plug wire thermal sleeves

    Big A2A vertical flow intercooler and custom fabbed aluminum intake pipe

    SPAL 10” pusher VA11-AP7/C-57a 

    SPAL 11” puller VA03-AP90/LL-68a

    Mishimoto Radiator

    Radiator, IC, and condenser sandwiched tight with custom aluminum shroud

    needs a stronger pusher fan installed and/or ducting above and below radiator to channel air through radiator better. This time of year it’s not an issue, but when humidity gets nasty and temps go up in summer she will slowly climb if you aren’t moving along.  :police:

    Custom AC lines and condenser setup. PEZ-wired AC harness

    Built t56 (upgraded shift forks, bronze keepers, keys, and other parts that were worn were replaced) Zero popouts or grinds in forward gears, no synchro issues whatsoever. It’s stout! Reverse lockout solenoid needs the spring upgrade as the short shifter makes reverse harder to get in and stay in.

    Textralia stage 3 exeskel clutch (good for over 1200hp)

    8.8 Cobra IRS with 3.55 gears. No noises or issues. Can include wheel speed sensors for TC

    Custom driveshaft and 1350 u-joints

    US Brake clutch master cylinder

    Release bearing remote bleeder

    MGW short shifter

    Trans tunnel thermal cover plate from

    A1000 pump behind license plate

    Pre-filter at pump and post filter in stock FD location

    Sumped tank with AN fittings

    AN lines (-8feed/-6return)

    Aeromotive FPR on driver firewall and boost referenced.

    Siemens Deka 80lb injectors

    Tuned on 93 and 100% methanol with Custom dual (size 10 and 15) nozzle Alkycontrol setup

    Pump in spare tire area, tank strapped down in hatch. Controls and brain in passenger hatch. 2.5 bar MAP sensor in driver footwell. Low level indicator LED and Turn-On LED next to pillar gauges

    JTR 1-7/8 long tubes, Cat delete, Custom mid/Y pipe (sits tight on chassis)

    Blitz NUR-spec SS cat-back

    Qa1 fully adjustable rear shocks with custom top plate with sliders

    Tanabe GF210 springs up front

    EBC extreme duty brake pads, vented rotors

    Wilwood brake proportioning valve

    ABS delete kit

    E-brake works great with the 8.8

    285/40/18 street drag radials in rear, 245/40/18 fronts

    Shine burnout side skirts, Shine front bumper, Shine front over fenders, Shine rear bumper, Shine Ducktail spoiler

    J. Pezzuti hood with latches

    HotWater Labs headlights (V2, the good ones)

    99 spec lights front and rear

    Shorty antenna mod

    All glass is good with no issues and original matching VIN on all glass

    Windows tinted pretty dark

    Custom sheetmetal front wheel well covers powder coated.

    Various engine bay parts powder coated black.

    Car shows well but it isn't a show car. PDR ding on passenger door and a nice fresh crack on the front of the driver side skirt from me being an idiot in the garage. Driver door is harder to close than passenger side (common FD thing)

    CF shifter surround panel

    C6 shift knob

    Double din radio, crossover boxes and aftermarket speakers/tweeters. (sub/amps/etc have been removed from trunk but wiring is still there)

    “LS Procharged RX7 “floormats and trunk mat

    GM 411 PCM and Dakota boxes located behind passenger kick panel

    Aluminum interior passenger door handle

    A-pillar 3-gauge pod

    Center dash speaker 2-gauge pod

    Prosport Wideband 02 gauge with Bosch 02 sensor bunged in mid-pipe (com-box in driver footwell area)

    Prosport Boost/vacuum gauge

    Prosport fuel pressure gauge

    Prosport premium water temp. gauge with warning light/beep

    Prosport premium oil pressure gauge with warning light/beep

    Interior shows well as you can see for a 26 year old car.

    Missing driver rear tan speaker cover, DS/PS knee plastic on tunnel, tiny triangle on interior DS door, and trunk tool cover.

    PEZ wiring on front clip of chassis and motor, all custom harness and fuse/relay boxes, etc. All new wire clips, fasteners, etc. Wiring is done very professionally and tucked away well also. AC wiring is ran through the GM PCM and utilizes high RPM compressor shut-off, compressor on/off idle adjust, pressure sensor, etc. OBD2 port located in glovebox.

    battery in hatch in battery box, strapped down.

    180amp high output CS130D alternator

    Oil pressure sensor relocation (near FPR on strut tower)

Listed this on fB page couple days ago.  Listed this last year, decided to keep it and play some more....just can't re-fall in love with this car so it's got to go.
I never drive it.  Cracking my side skirt the other night kind of sent me over the edge lol.

    First $30k takes it, no haggle, no holds, and no paypal involvement (i always get burned on paypal). Sorry if you don’t like the price or anything on the car but I'm not rebuilding the car or changing the car for potential buyers. This car is an absolute beast, so test drives will be filtered and no one will be romping on the car until I have your money and title signed and I’m not in the car with you.  I have other things I was going to install but they will be listed for sale separately after the next owner chooses what he wants of it.  Broadfield custom gauges, Seibon hood, turbo stuff, and other items are not included with car sale at $30k but can be added. I am not parting the car out at all. If you have a trade, send pic and value or cash on top in your first message, thanks.

    Richmond, VA


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Re: Boosted 93 FD
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click on these following pics to view videos

zz1 (6) video by FlickrAccount83, on Flickr

zz1 (3) by FlickrAccount83, on Flickr

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Re: Boosted 93 FD
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2019, 01:11:17 PM »
What a sick build! Still wishing I bought this car instead of putting more money into mine that doesn't have A/C or heat. Good luck with sale!
:drive: :secret:

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Re: Boosted 93 FD
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2019, 10:52:44 PM »
Deposit take .
Sale pending.
Thanks all who showed interest and for all the ridiculous trade ideas.

Re: Boosted 93 FD
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2019, 08:49:49 PM »
Glad to see this moving! If this were around next August, I’d have been in the area and bought it myself.

If you ever have another build like this with a/c, in the same price range pm me.

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Re: Boosted 93 FD
« Reply #5 on: November 09, 2019, 08:15:45 PM »
Glad to see this moving! If this were around next August, I’d have been in the area and bought it myself.

If you ever have another build like this with a/c, in the same price range pm me.

Thanks man.  Has been an ordeal putting this car on market, so many questions from so many people. Couple guys in line if for some reason this guy walks away from his deposit.  I'm ready for a more family-oriented car........that's fast  :D