June 18, 2019, 04:39:09 PM

Author Topic: Apparently 265 wide 200 tread wear aren't great for drag racing  (Read 105 times)

Offline Exidous

So the night was a pro tree and I had not set up the launch control. Trying to find the right rpm was difficult. 3000 would bog and 4200 would spin. Next time out I'm going to use the launch. Anyone in San Antonio/Austin have a pair of slicks I can borrow for a night? Lol.

Any pointers? I had a better 60ft with 225 Sumitomos and 330rwhp last I was out....in 2006.

T-56 and 3.55 gears. Not great but at 122 I'd have to shift into 5th with a 4.10.
94 BB SBE LS1 Full Mamo top, MS3ProU with TC, RONIN 8.8 and another custom dual 2.5" stainless exhaust. Too loud, need bigger muffler....