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Newbie from CO
« on: May 29, 2019, 03:16:23 AM »
Whatís up guys names Bobby live here in Colorado. Iíve been in the rx7 game for a little dealt with rotaries for about 10+ years. Recently Iíve decided enough was enough after 4 motors (yea Iím stubborn lol) I decided to part ways from the hobby sold the FD & other toys I had & got myself into the food truck industry. While I am building my own food truck came across a FD rolling shell here that for some reason I wanted to grab it cause it was for a steal. What I originally wanted to do with my old FD was to do a iron 5.3l with a big turbo, powerglide or th400, & 8.8 rear end which Iíll probably end up doing to this FD I have now. Joined this forum to pick some brains about this idea. Anyways thanks for reading.
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Re: Newbie from CO
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Whoa the old FD was awesome! 

I can't comment on your build idea, I bought the FD because of the stock suspension and handling.  Iron blocks, straight axles, and automatics are not my thing.  That said who the heck cares its your thing, go have fun!  Thanks for posting. 
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Re: Newbie from CO
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Hello, I'm in the Colorado Springs area. My FC build is similar to what you are wanting to do with the FD.
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