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Progress: 2JZ FD
« on: May 14, 2019, 10:00:00 AM »
So I ended up reaching the goal that i had for the car *on the stock block* and decided to be happy with that, rather than continue to push it (even though i know it had more in it). So after that i pulled the engine and i'm redoing a bunch of stuff currently. So some of the upgrades include: Induction Performance stage 2 aluminum rod 3.0 bottom end, IP stage 2 head, Forced Performance XR484 turbo, RMR 90mm TB (wilson 90mm leaked pretty bad), IDS rear suspension, took some more weight out of the car, working on developing a complete front and rear drag brake setup and a few other things while the car is down. I'm in south FL where its hot as hell right now, so i am in no rush to get it back together at this point. Goal is to have it ready to make some hits at FL2k this year and i would love to be able to bring it to TX2k20 as well. Follow me on instagram (@jor_dankk) for more pics and videos, as i am terrible at uploading stuff on here.

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