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PCM Help
« on: March 25, 2019, 08:32:29 PM »
I have a serv num 12576106 pcm that has blue/green connectors. The pcm is tuned and will work with a drive by cable. The engine is a 2005 L33 5.3 Aluminum block with an Ls1 intake and injectors. I want to use a blue/red standalone harness, and i know i will have to repin the pcm to make it work, but how do i go about doing this? Any help would be incredibly useful. Posted this in an ls forum with no reply, figured Id try here. Going in a 1988 Mazda Rx7!

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Re: PCM Help
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Grab the pin out diagram for each ECU. Make the standalone harness match the physical pins of the blue/green ECU. You need to be wary of the DBW ECUs. Many will not have the driver for the IAC meaning they are not physically capable of running the Idle Air Control valve of a DBC setup.
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Re: PCM Help
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If you're still having issues let me know.
There is very little you need to change in the harness but there is much more that needs to be changed in the tune

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Re: PCM Help
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hey has a guide for all the pin out conversions