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SCCA Southeast Division Time Trial Schedule
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:57:14 AM »
SEDIV, which is the most active of the SCCA regions for Time Trial, added a second points championship for 2019 to include a series for the new Time Trial Nationals car classifications.  This let them bolster their schedule bigtime, with 13 events total for 2019.  The "Legacy" schedule is open for cars that basically have a minimum of a roll bar, harnesses, handheld fire extinguisher, and driver safety gear (fire suit, gloves, shoes, arm restraints if no cage).  The TTN classes allow just about any level of prep including bone stock, with only a helmet required for the drivers.  We're really trying to breathe some new life into this program, and dollar for dollar, you will get more track time than most other sanctioning bodies or privately run track days/HPDE sessions.  Hope some of y'all can make it out this year.  I probably won't have the RX7 ready thanks to this dang shoulder surgery, but you'll probably see me in either a POS 944 or tooling around in an old automatic CTS Sport!