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1994 Mazda rx7 with t56 and ls1
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PRICE $30,000.... After i bought this from the previous owner life hit me in some unexpected ways, home problems and health problems are forcing me to do this. So basically i got the car drove it home from Utah and parked it. Drove maybe 100 miles since then. I canít seem to load pictures so for pictures please text me at 2537536229

1993 RX7 Black Touring Model (Originally an Auto)


Originally a Hawaii car nearly its whole life. Bought the car back in 2014 previously swapped with a grannies kit. Not sure when the swap was performed exactly. The engine did come out of a 2002 Camaro along with the T56. I brought it out to Utah when I moved back in 2016. No rust from what I have seen. I have been improving on the car the day I bought it. Below are the mods/improvements I have performed. All of the front and dash wiring has been gone through. Anything not needed was de-pined and removed and re loomed. no half ass wiring splices and cuts. Everything is plug and play including chassis to engine wiring. I have kept all receipts for my purchases. Clean and clear title. Please, serious buyers only. Asking $31K.

- LS1/T56 from 2002 camaro
- Hinson subframe/trans mount/driveshaft
- Samberg diff brace
- Improved Oil cooler thermostat/custom 10AN lines routed to OEM cooler
- Turn One PS pump/custom 8AN line routed to OEM trans cooler
- Samberg Radiator with shrouds sprayed black
- A/C!! blows cold and uses halfspecs PCM cooling fan and a/c controller
- LS6 PCV mod
- Accessory Brackets powder coated
- Willwood Clutch Master
- LS7 Clutch
- Tri-Ax Shifter

- Rebuilt OEM calipers powder coated gold
- Hawk Pads
- Brembo slotted/drilled rotors
- Supernow Aluminum Brake cap
- Alex Rodriguez ABS delete with willwood prop valve
- Sakebomb Garage Stainless braided lines front/rear
- Tokiko Illumina shocks with new OEM bushings
- Tein H-Tech springs
- Swaybars powdered red
- Supernow Front Swaybar mounts
- Improved Racing Strut Bar with Master Cylindar Brace
- 3in exhaust off the headers (no cats!!)
- Racing Beat Cat Back dual tip
- Corvette Fuel filter located in rear and pressure gauge off the rail

- 99 Spec bumper with 99 Rebar (Note: All 99 parts are OEM)
- 99 Lip
- 99 Brake ducts
- 99 Spoiler
- BBS RGR's (essentially 99 spec rims but an inch wider in the rear)
- Shine Auto carbon rocker panels
- Halfspec S2000 antenna mod
- New OEM Door Handles
- Sakebomb Garage Premier Headlights

- All black Interior with every panel updated to the 94-95 textured verson
- Original working passanger door handle
- Bubble Tech map lid
- Alpine stereo with front/rear speakers
- Angry Panda Spirit R Recaros
- Sakebomb Garage passanger footrest (powdered black)
- New OEM trans tunnel cover
- Efini Steering Wheel
- Cobra Shift Knob
- Dual dash gauge pod w/ Greddy Oil pressure and PLX OBDII gauge

I know im missing things. Ill add them as they come to mind or i see them.
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Re: 1994 Mazda rx7 with t56 and ls1
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Hereís a picture.

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Re: 1994 Mazda rx7 with t56 and ls1
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Hereís a few more.

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Re: 1994 Mazda rx7 with t56 and ls1
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Re: 1994 Mazda rx7 with t56 and ls1
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Is Ramone's car becoming the town bicycle?
94 BB SBE LS1 Full Mamo top, MS3ProU with TC, RONIN 8.8 and another custom dual 2.5" stainless exhaust. Too loud, need bigger muffler....