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1993 Rx7 Drag race Roller
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Picked this up last year and have not had the time to finish it and now the motor let go in my other rx7, so I am thinking of selling this as a roller and use the motor in my rx7 with the bad motor.

1993 Rx7 hardtop base model 
PPG titaium poly paint
Shine Auto stock wide fenders
Shine Auto rear qtr flares Molded
Room for 26 or 28 tall rear tire
Sebion Carbon Hood
8.5 cert cage
Samberg solid rear 8.8     3.55 wtith wavetrac
Qa1 shocks/coilovers
Front Viper rotors and calipers
Stock rear calipers and brakes
promod endlinks
cage tied into rear cradle for strength
Weld wheels   17 upfront  15*10.5 rears
Grannas racing steering rack

Stock Powerglide case fully built internals
billet 1-2 gears
billet input/output shaft
Tbrake, custom shifter to sit low in the factory center console and look near stock (FD)
Stall convertor with billet backing plate (will measure diameter)  Setup for 3000lb car making around 1500hp.
Lokar fill tube, deep cast alum finned oil pan
billet yoke with 1350 Ujoints, 3.5" diameter alum to mate up to Samberg 8.8" solid rear setup
Trans cooler with mini 6" e-fan, lines, fittings, mounts.
custom trans mount for FD chassis

This is more of a drag car set up car and has no heat/ac. All windows and all exterior lights work
bolt in your motor, fuel system, exhaust, cooling system, race seat and go racing. $13000  car is in Charleston SC

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Re: 1993 Rx7 Drag race Roller
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Re: 1993 Rx7 Drag race Roller
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Yep same car

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Re: 1993 Rx7 Drag race Roller
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That is a great price for all the work done to it.  I sold him the powerglide and can vouch for it being built stout and complete.  Plop in a forged motor and go run some 8's.
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