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Author Topic: Fake C5-R Timing Chains?!?  (Read 1861 times)

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Fake C5-R Timing Chains?!?
« on: March 30, 2017, 07:42:42 PM »
Pulled from here:  http://ls1tech.com/forums/generation-iii-internal-engine/1863321-katech-c5-r-chain-beware-impostors-selling-lesser-chain-same-price.html

Quote from: Katech_Jason;19561947
It has come to our attention that Hinson Motorsports has been advertising on their website that they have "Partnered with IWIS to offer the Katech C5-R chain at a great price."  No such partnership was developed.  Per our request, Hinson Motorsports has since removed our Katech name and mention of any partnership from their website.  Thank you Hinson.  However, they are still advertising the chain as the C5-R.  We have verified this to be false. 

The C5-R chain has a proprietary link and pin which is exclusive to the C5-R.  The only two companies that can buy the C5-R chain are Katech and GM Racing. 

The C5-R chain is the gold standard in LS timing chains and has been proven by Katech and GM Racing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 Hours of Daytona, all ALMS, IMSA, Grand Am, Trans Am, World Challenge, and for that matter, every LS/LT engine built by Katech.  The Corvette Racing C5-R, C6.R and current IMSA C7.R all use the C5-R chain.

We verified with IWIS that no C5-R chains have made it through any other distribution channels and have only been shipped to the USA for use by Katech and GM Racing.  We are 100% certain the chain that is going to Hinson through a different distribution channel is not the C5-R, but rather an IWIS aftermarket chain.  The IWIS aftermarket chain is sold by many vendors.  For example, Lingenfelter lists the IWIS aftermarket chain here for $83.95.


Lingenfelter also sells the Katech C5-R chain for $149.99


So, Hinson Motorsports is buying the IWIS aftermarket chain which you can get for $83.95 and marking it up to $149.99 and calling it the C5-R chain. 

We have informed Hinson Motorsports of this misrepresentation and given them several weeks to correct the problem, but have only removed the Katech name from their website.  So, we feel it is our duty to inform the public that what you are purchasing from Hinson is not truly the Katech C5-R chain.

Also, Hinson has been selling these chains to Summit Racing who has been selling them as the C5-R, which is incorrect.  Summit has also agreed to take our name off their listing.  Thank you Summit.

Hinson has also been selling a chain called the C7.R chain, which is also misleading.  The actual C7.R Corvette that races in the IMSA United Sportscar Series uses the Katech/GM Racing C5-R chain.  All Corvette Racing cars have used that chain since the early 2000s.  Hinson has taken the the IWIS aftermarket chain, made a seamless roller version and called it the C7.R.  A change we feel is unnecessary, since a roller has never failed in thousands of chains.

So, if you're interested in purchasing a C5-R chain and don't want an IWIS aftermarket chain for the C5-R price, I would recommend either buying it directly from our website, or one of the known vendors of Katech C5-R chains listed below.


Brian Tooley Racing
Scoggin Dickey
Jannetty Racing
Weapon X Motorsports
East Coast Supercharging
Aikman Performance
McCluskey Chevrolet
Abel Chevrolet
Race Proven Motorsports
JDP Performance
Cordes Performance
Powertech Performance
Tick Performance
Texas Speed
Coolchevy Race Parts (Germany)
Excelsior Motorsports
Wong's Performance
Tune Time Performance
Doug Rippie Motorsports
Speed Inc
Corvette Central
Baker Engineering

Brian, can you comment on this?
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Re: Fake C5-R Timing Chains?!?
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They don't give a shit about this forum man...

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Re: Fake C5-R Timing Chains?!?
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This forum should be deactivated.

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Re: Fake C5-R Timing Chains?!?
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2017, 01:34:47 PM »
You know what, I think at this point I agree.   

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