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Author Topic: FD3S Rear "Euro" Washer / Fluid Tank  (Read 1254 times)

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Re: FD3S Rear "Euro" Washer / Fluid Tank
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Yup. Gonna order one of these! Like the OEM stealth.  Heard the other that the BMW M4 GTS has a water injection system. Since when are OEMs doing this?  :scratch:

AWESOME!  Thanks so much. Pre-Order pricing expires in ONE WEEK.  So order now.

As for other cars with water injection - it's not as new as you think... just becoming more mainstream.

The FIRST car with it would be the Oldsmobile Jetfire!  But they called meth "Turbo Rocket Fluid", because, well... it was the 1960s.  :)

Saab has also used it and even the 2003 EVO VIII originally had a form of it as an intercooler sprayer.  That said, now that the BMW M4 is offering it and Bosch has development dollars into it - you're going to be seeing it on a host of cars over the next few years.