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Author Topic: Now retailer for MS3Pro Ultimate and any DIYAutoTune product!  (Read 1942 times)

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Now retailer for MS3Pro Ultimate and any DIYAutoTune product!
« on: February 15, 2017, 02:54:49 AM »
At PRI 2016 the new MS3Pro Ultimate was released which has many mind blowing features at an incredibly affordable price.  For those of you that felt an aftermarket ECU with incredibly advanced features was beyond your reach... this may just be the answer.

Please click on the link below and then contact me for any questions.  There are harnesses now available for 24x and 58x GM LS, Ford Coyote (VVT also), and Gen3 Hemi engines to make it truly easy to install.

Some highlights include:

Automatic fuel enrichment, self calibration
Traction, Boost, Nitrous control
Flex Fuel, Water/Meth injection control
3 step Rev limiter with flat shift
Trans Brake/bump box

My next project will run one of these..... best part... all made in the USA!

Please reach out to me at:
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