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Author Topic: SakeBomb Garage; Competition Billet Sway Bar Mount  (Read 6260 times)

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SakeBomb Garage; Competition Billet Sway Bar Mount
« on: December 21, 2016, 08:53:05 PM »
Competition Billet Sway Bar Mounts are Now Available from SakeBomb Garage!

Introducing our new Competition Billet Sway Bar Mounts! These mounts provide an enormous upgrade to your FD's handling potential, for either OEM or aftermarket sway bars. The stock welded sheet metal mounts flex severely, providing barely enough support for the existingsway bars. When upgrading to a stiffer, aftermarket sway bar, this problem becomes magnified, limiting the stability of your front end by creating a structural weakness.

Product Highlights:

Full Billet Aluminum Construction - with mil-spec hard anodized finish to last forever!
Lateral Load Clips - reinforce the stability of the mounts even further by clamping to the pinch welds, with beefy m8 bolts
Increased Hardware Size vs OEM - stock sway bar bolts are m8, however we've moved to stout m10 high-strength bolts to eliminate flex
Shortened for lowered cars (1-1.5" at the wheels) to optimally align sway bar
Stock-height spacer available for stock-height cars - for a direct OEM replacement
Extremely stable sway bar mounting even for the most extreme aftermarket bars, no additional reinforcements needed!
V-mount, and V8 swap compatible - aluminum radiator mount is removable for non-standard radiator mounting

Stiffens Stock Front End, and Allows the Full Utilization of Aftermarket Sway Bars!

Our solution provides a robust mounting bracket, which in effect stiffens your stock sway bar, by removing the uncontrolled flex from the equation. This also allows for the installation of much heavier sway bars and their effective utilization, without being compromised by a flawed mounting platform.

A Perfect Solution for Stock Height, and Lowered FD's!

With optional spacers for stock ride height vehicles, this kit provides a solution for any FD on the road. Whether you're just looking to stiffen up your stock frame, or working on an slammed high HP rebuild, these mounts are a must have. A solution to one of the fundamental problems of the FD chassis is now available at special introductory prices from SakeBomb Garage. See our Product Page for more details.

Available Now, For a Limited Time at a Special Introductory Sale Price!

Unlock Your FD's Full Potential!

In stock and shipping now, at introductory pricing!  ->   Competition Billet Sway Bar Mounts (FD3S RX-7) - SakeBomb Garage LLC