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Author Topic: We can supply almost any part for your build!  (Read 1238 times)

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We can supply almost any part for your build!
« on: November 10, 2016, 03:11:08 PM »
This year I took another plunge and opened up accounts with buy ins at multiple manufacturers and vendors.  We are working on having a great website to display all the goods by end of the year.

In the mean time here are some of the products we sell.  Anything listed on Summit we can also get and strive to do our best to get you the best pricing around.  Over $99 is free shipping unless it is a transmission.

Mark Corbett
NorCal Motorsport
415.260.8768  8am-6pm PST calls only please
Vehicle services, new T56 Magnums/Tremec transmissions, Tremec rebuilds/parts/bellhousings
McLeod clutches, Fidanza flywheels, Holley EFI/inj/TB/MSD Atomic intakes
FIC injectors and related fuel products, Walbro and AEM fuel pumps, Speedhut gauges
Ohlins DFV and Penske coilovers, RX-7 bushings/bearings/wheel studs
Summit Racing, SakeBomb garage, AP Racing and Wilwood brakes
We sell all BrianTooley Racing products and parts they offer related to LSx and Ford engines
used LSx blocks, cranks, heads, rods **stock changes constantly**
GM crate motors and custom LSx engine builds available from mild to wild
'93 FD: 441ci/AllPro LS7 heads/intake en route, T56 Mag, 8.8" IRS, HolleyHP, DavisTechTC 10.32@137mph cats/full exhaust. 165mph 1/2 mile (old LS7)
'93 FD LS9 turbo, T56 Mag, Samberg 8.8" solid axle, 9.35@163mph 197mph 1/2 mile
`69 Chevelle: alum 5.3, GTS76 turbo, ChiseledPerf A/W, T56 Magnum,Ford 35 spline 9".CTS-V interior http://www.norotors.com/index.php?topic=18234.0
old yellar....440rwhp/FD sold but not forgotten: http://www.ponycars.net/scc.htm
I sell new T56 Magnums/McLeod clutch/T56 rebuild kits/Holley EFI/FIC injectors and all BrianTooleyRacing parts.  norcalmotorsport@gmail.com