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Auto transport
« on: March 25, 2016, 10:48:44 AM »
Need some help here; want to ship an RX8/LS1 from Dallas to Minneapolis, was told to avoid the brokers and deal directly with a driver?
Any thoughts out there, how do I find a good driver, what should I expect to pay?
I know there are ALOT of scams out there in this industry and I do not want the car damaged in transport.

Any advice............................... :confused:

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Re: Auto transport
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Re: Auto transport
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Uship is definitely a good place to start and get some competitive prices.

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Re: Auto transport
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Also used Uship to ship a motorcycle, and a coworker just had his FD shipped from Washington state to VA with uship for about 1k....

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Re: Auto transport
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We have a buddy that drives every week from CA to FL taking Hwy10.  He doesn't really drive very far off this route.  If you have a car that is located along this route contact me and I'll connect you.

FL to NorCal is about $1K for a running vehicle.
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Re: Auto transport
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I used http://www.batsmotorsports.com/ to ship my FD from So Cal to VA.

They're a fairly small outfit, but communication was excellent, and they got the car here in good time with no damage.

Karen is who I talked to there.

Good luck,
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Re: Auto transport
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I see uship mentioned a couple times here ... aren't they a broker too? I know this is an older post, but I just wanted to point out that it's no easy chore trying to find a driver without dealing with a broker. Most of them are not the major names you'll find in the industry in my experience. All that said, I've used a-1 auto trans and would recommend them, but prices vary between shippers so it's a good idea to look around a bit. I'm curious who you used and how it went since that's some decent mileage.
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Re: Auto transport
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I've used uship a couple of times in Canada and have always dealt directly with the company owner/driver. Typically smaller outfits. I've had good experiences both times.