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Author Topic: Just want to say hello!  (Read 1681 times)

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Just want to say hello!
« on: September 13, 2014, 10:07:31 PM »
Greetings everyone!

Just wanted to drop in and say hello, tell you a little bit about Panic Motorsports. We are a Spec Miata prep shop in West Columbia SC, but have a very soft spot for swapped RX-7's. I'm Steve Bertok (owner) I've done an FC and FD swap, about to complete my second FC (track rat budget special). My head wrench Josh Smith is well known to you guys (sabre002) and has just completed his nasty nasty nasty FD, lacking only some tuning to hit the street. My parts knowledge and his tech knowledge make for an unbeatable combination. We spend a lot of time at the racetrack with the Miatas as that's our primary business, but are looking forward to developing an LSx FD for SCCA racing in the 2015 season.

We're also looking forward to helping this community any way we can. We run an ebay store (panic_motorsports) that has more salvage parts being listed daily. It gives us a way to get parts out there you can check out 24 hours a day, and provides a decent look into what we are parting at any given time.

 New parts; send me a part number and let see what we can do for you. We're not Summit or Jegs, but can get our hands on most of the same stuff, give us a shot. We also have a couple of things under development for the swapped 7's, including a trick radiator with an integral oil cooler that makes a really slick install, stay tuned for that!

Salvage parts; current cars of interest to this board, parting my personal swapped FD that met an unfortunate demise. (don't ask, it's embarrassing). Sold the diff package this week, have a large portion of the rest of the car to go. Check out my listings in the classifieds for some stuff available right now. We also have a front end damaged FD being stripped, a rolling shell that will be available very soon for someone wanting to build a track rat. Couple of stray FC's hanging around we haven't got to stripping yet. Let us know what you need, we'll do our best to fill the order. Salvage RX-7, Miata and Boxster parts. Spec Miata specialists

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Re: Just want to say hello!
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2014, 09:11:01 PM »
On top of what the Boss has said here.  We also have a new parts guy James that most of you met at the SNS I was at.  Azars twin brother lol.

Check us out on our social media sites as well for specials and updates on the team.  Also for weekly racing videos from our drivers.

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