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Author Topic: FC SuperPro bushings  (Read 4167 times)

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FC SuperPro bushings
« on: March 14, 2012, 03:44:34 PM »

Just wanted to see if theres any interest in some high quality SuperPro front control arm bushings for FC's. A few FC owners have asked if I can get nicer, better made polyurethane bushings and am now trying to see if you guys would like to get a small group buy going. SuperPro bushings have grooves on the outside and are knurled on the inside which helps to keep the bushing lubricated for a longer, maintenance free life. Another cool feature about these bushings is the option to get the front lower control arm rear bushing offset for an increase in caster. If you dont want more caster, theyre available as standard caster bushings.

Pricing below is for the front control arm bushings (small bushing and big bushing):
- Front control arm front bushing and standard rear bushing $135 shipped
- Front control arm front bushing and more caster rear bushing $135 shipped

Prices above include shipping to the United States. Please contact me for a shipping quote if you're outside of the United States. I'll need to get at least 5 orders in order for it to be cost effective to import these bushings from Australia. ETA is about a week for the bushings to arrive at my door, from the day I place the order with SuperPro, if they're in stock. If they're not in stock, SuperPro will manufacture them for me which will take about 2-3 weeks for them to arrive at my door.