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Author Topic: WTB wacom cintiq 21UX graphic tablet  (Read 677 times)

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WTB wacom cintiq 21UX graphic tablet
« on: March 04, 2012, 05:56:04 AM »
im taking the next step in my artistic careers goals. from the growing demand of people that want me to create art for them to my desire to dive into the world of digital art media, i need a good graphic tablet. Upon research i've fallen in love with the cintiq 21ux. So i wanted to just throw this thread out there just in case there was a digital artist in the group that maybe just stepped up to the new cintiq 24hd and wanted to get rid of their 21ux. Honestly I don't yet have the money to purchase a graphic tablet but will be looking to getting one within a month so i would love to save a good deal soured by the time i'm ready. Either way i figure anyone that may have one wont be in a rush to sell it. as far as pricing goes. im a broke ass server at a mexican restaraunt looking to branch out with my art. money isn't raining fro the sky obviously. On ebay the 21ux is still going for $2,000. I've found a discount electronics site that has them for $867, a better deal then that would be amazing. obviously wear and tear will be a factor in the final negotiated price.

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Re: WTB wacom cintiq 21UX graphic tablet
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Try posting a add at a art school there's usually common area bulletin boards.