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Parts for Sale / Tweaked Toyota 2JZ - FD Engine Harness
« on: April 19, 2019, 03:04:14 PM »
For Sale:
Tweaked Performance 2JZ to FD Engine Harness

Major Items:
•Chassis - FD RX7 (Core required)
•Core Harness - Tweak'd will supply core (1990+ Supra and SC ONLY!)
•ECU - AEM Infinity 6
•Transmission - Manual - R154
•Ignition System - Stock 1JZ/2JZ non-VVTi Igniter and Coils
•Injectors - Denso / ID2000 / JDM High Impedance
•MAP Sensor - Factory Toyota MAP Sensor
•IAT Sensor - Factory Toyota IAT
•TPS - Factory, Matches Throttle Body
•O2 Sensor - Factory Toyota 3-Pin O2
•Single Turbo or Twin Turbo - Single Turbo
•Starter Plug - Newer round style plug
•VVTi - non-VVTi
•Temp Sending Unit - Metal Spade Terminal
•Oil Sending Unit - Metal Spade Terminal
•Alternator Plug - Oval Connector
•Bulkhead Options - Tweak'd Anodized Firewall Plate and Grommet

I am testing waters here, as I might want to change directions and do a LS now over a JZ.
Price $1,400.00 shipped Lower 48 states
or Trade for LS V8 Swap parts. (Motor, mount kit etc)


Build Threads / Drew's 1993 Rx7/?? Build Thread
« on: March 14, 2019, 11:19:51 AM »
Hey, what's going on guys my name is Drew.
 I thought it was about time I started a build thread for the FD, since I am close to getting it back on the road. I wanted to complete a lot of projects on my “to do list”, along with compiling a bunch of pictures of the progress; so I could start this build thread off the right way.

Car Info
1993 FD Base
Clean Title
80K Miles
Rotary Still runs (Believe it or not!)

 Personally, I have always been a Mitsubishi guy. My first car in High school was a 1995 Eclipse GST. Since then, I have owned and built many fun street GSX’s and an Evo over the last decade. I’ve always wanted to branch out into a new platform, and try something different. Rx7 FD’s, and Supra’s have always been one my short list of cars I've wanted to own. The bug for something new really hit me after I went to H2O 2018. Driving home after that weekend, gave me a lot of time to think of all the different projects I could pursue. Fortunately for me, I knew of a guy in my area that I had sold some DSM parts to. Turns out he also owned this FD that he had been slowing fixing up. I decide to call him, and ask if he was ready to sell it. To my surprise he said he was, and as you can guess I was at his house the next day with a trailer. 
Even though the rotary still runs, and I do plan to drive it around like that for a while. The end goal is to put a JZ in the car. I took a ride in one once, and it just checks every box for me personally. Plus, with all the V8 FDs around my area, I would like to do something different.

Here is the car when I got it Oct, 2018.

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Cars for sale / WTB 93-95 RX7 FD Roller Near Virginia 20110
« on: March 30, 2017, 03:46:45 PM »
Hello Everyone.

As the title states I am currently looking to purchase a Rx7 FD, within a reasonable distances to my location in Virginia 20110.
This will be a long term project for me so condition isn't a major factor. I would like it to be a roller etc but paint condition isn't an issue. I would also prefer a clean title car but, open to rebuilt as well.

Color: Open to any except Yellow.
Year 93-95
Tranny: manual
Condition: Normal Wear.
Title Status: Clean or Rebuilt(if the rebuild was done correctly)

Let me know what you have.


Cars for sale / WTB RX7 FD Roller close to VA & MD
« on: May 25, 2016, 12:17:55 PM »
WTB RX7 FD Roller close to VA & MD

Interested in 93-95 RX7 Roller, blown motor, & partial project etc.

-Color (White, Blue, Black, and red is a possibility also.)
-Condition Clean title.
-Minmal rust but i understand these cars are hard to find. 

Message me with what you have.
PM on here


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