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Parts for Sale / Re: Tweaked Toyota 2JZ - FD Engine Harness
« on: June 11, 2019, 11:31:33 AM »
BUMP still for sale.

Parts for Sale / Re: Tweaked Toyota 2JZ - FD Engine Harness
« on: April 25, 2019, 08:41:51 AM »

ready to ship or open to trades Samburg mount kit. LS motor. etc.


Build Threads / Re: Drew's 1993 Rx7/?? Build Thread
« on: April 22, 2019, 09:08:56 AM »
Build Update 4.22.19

Got a couple more things done on the FD this weekend. Adjusted the front coil height, and did an oil change. Still couldn't figure out why I was having soft pedal issues.
I finally said F* it, and went and bought a used booster from a friend. I mean.. its the next logical option right?
Got home and immediately installed the new booster. Took the car out, and boom I have brakes now!!

The smile on my face from taking the car around the neighborhood a couple times, was worth all the hassle over the last six months. :cheers:

Parts for Sale / Tweaked Toyota 2JZ - FD Engine Harness
« on: April 19, 2019, 03:04:14 PM »
For Sale:
Tweaked Performance 2JZ to FD Engine Harness

Major Items:
•Chassis - FD RX7 (Core required)
•Core Harness - Tweak'd will supply core (1990+ Supra and SC ONLY!)
•ECU - AEM Infinity 6
•Transmission - Manual - R154
•Ignition System - Stock 1JZ/2JZ non-VVTi Igniter and Coils
•Injectors - Denso / ID2000 / JDM High Impedance
•MAP Sensor - Factory Toyota MAP Sensor
•IAT Sensor - Factory Toyota IAT
•TPS - Factory, Matches Throttle Body
•O2 Sensor - Factory Toyota 3-Pin O2
•Single Turbo or Twin Turbo - Single Turbo
•Starter Plug - Newer round style plug
•VVTi - non-VVTi
•Temp Sending Unit - Metal Spade Terminal
•Oil Sending Unit - Metal Spade Terminal
•Alternator Plug - Oval Connector
•Bulkhead Options - Tweak'd Anodized Firewall Plate and Grommet

I am testing waters here, as I might want to change directions and do a LS now over a JZ.
Price $1,400.00 shipped Lower 48 states
or Trade for LS V8 Swap parts. (Motor, mount kit etc)


I might look around local and see about picking one up, just incase.

Just saw the SloppyMechanic review on the AR5 kit, and I'm pretty impressed. The Colorado did mid 860HP & 760TQ, that is more then enough for my goals As i want to be around 650 without building the motor. Couple people in the comments said they are junk trans but, IDK time will tell.


Those AR5 trannys are like $600 on ebay. Not a bad at all.

I can see people being able to keep the price around $1000.00.

I would agree with you, the trans prices suck but you gotta pay to play I guess. And built R154 sell for as much as T56 magnums.. But this AR5 to LS trans setup is interesting. I'm going to research that a little more.

^^^ Appreciate the info.

I was setting myself up do go the JZ route on my FD because its a little more unique then say the LS option; but everything has already been done before so the "wow" factor doesn't matter to me.. Its more best bang for buck, and keeping more money in my pocket.

looking over replacement parts the LS items are more available that's a given. But, some of the other items don't seem that far off each other between JZ & LS.
Here is a quick break down of what I have found, barely searching for pricing. JZ seems to require a little more $$$ when it comes to the "Go fast parts". This list doesn't account for swap kits etc.

Part Price               - 2JZ -                         - LS -
Head gasket       $184.00                     OEM $41.00 (pair)
Cams                GSC $822.00 BC $560.00          BTR $300.00      
Valve train             GSC $475.00 BC $300.00               BTR $250.00
Turbo manifold      CX $480.00                 Oem/log $100-350.00
Intake manifold      CX $500.00                 OEM LS3 $275.00
Oil pump              $190.00                   Melling $110.00
water pump      $169.00                   Melling $120.00
Cylinder head      $1,000.00                       '243' $350.00 (PAIR)

I really just want a engine that will do 400NA, and 650 on a single turbo.. LC9 is checking a couple boxes for me.

So could you give me some insight on why you chose LC9 5.3L over say the LS1/LS6 or LS3. Did you grab the small 5.3 knowing you were going to throw boost at it so size wasn't a big concern?

I'm looking over a couple different LS motor options, as I prepare for my swap. Trying to find best bang for buck, that will see boost.

Build Threads / Re: Drew's 1993 Rx7/JZ Build Thread
« on: April 08, 2019, 09:22:44 AM »
Build Update.

 Got a lot done on the car this weekend, and finally got the chance to drive the car for the first time since I purchased it in October. Drove it to the gas station, she died on me going there.. but I think it was just really low on gas. Still got some brake issues I am working through. When the car is off pedal is hard, when car is on pedal gets softer and has a lot of travel. It does stop.. But, its not great and not something i would rely on for day to day traffic.

I need to adjust my coilovers more, fronts were rubbing really bad on the fenders. Plan to roll all four sides this weekend if my buddy lends me his tool. Also found my coolant reservoir is leaking. I'm going to attempt to patch it up, unless I can find a good used one local

Other things I knocked out:
-Steering wheel & Hub install
-Spark Plug change

Build Threads / Re: Four's 1JZ swapped FD Project - Rx7upra
« on: April 05, 2019, 02:19:49 PM »

So when you purchased the quick time bell housing, was that to run the JZ with a T56 style tranny?

Yes, it is a t56 to 2jz housing. I have a t56 magnum.

He didn’t at the time, but Joel at Grannas sells the housing and modifies them slightly to fit better. I got mine on sale through summit.

Joel is supper knowledgeable about the t56 with a jz. He does swaps all the time in supras. He also has a 2j with a built t56 magnum in his rx7.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Yea, I've found my way to Joel's website and IG after search Google for the bell housing.
good stuff. Be nice if he made a 2JZ to FD mount kit.

Build Threads / Re: Four's 1JZ swapped FD Project - Rx7upra
« on: April 05, 2019, 09:08:13 AM »
Some goodies showed up today. Clutch and bell housing. I still need to call Mark from Norcal to sort my trans. He left me a VM, but I havent gotten back to him yet. Things have been chaotic this last few days and this weekend with my sons bday, snow and the power going out. Trans mount is here too, but that's boring, so no photos

Thanks to Joel over at Grannas Racing

dual organic plates

Quicktime 2jz to t56 bell housing. Obviously works for 1jz and the magnum setup that I am doing

My last 2 bolts showed up today and I was able to get the engine on the stand. However, first lesson learned about the 1jz. The lower portion of the engine needs to come off to swap to rear sump. I have 2 bolts in that holding it to the engine stand. I had to order 2 more bolts and having them shipped 1 day vs 2 day prime to get them here before thanksgiving, so I can work on it this weekend. Also, this thing is wicked top heavy. I put the end of my jack handle to help turn it, or I could easily lose control with the weight. Oil is currently draining. No other updates other than I have to keep working cleaning up the garage as the kids and wife took it over after the STI sold. I need space..

So when you purchased the quick time bell housing, was that to run the JZ with a T56 style tranny?

Build Threads / Re: Drew's 1993 Rx7/JZ Build Thread
« on: April 02, 2019, 04:04:46 PM »
What size steering wheel?

I got a 320mm Sparco. It's too small. Need to get a 350mm.

This wheel is a 330mm.

Build Threads / Re: Drew's 1993 Rx7/JZ Build Thread
« on: April 02, 2019, 08:50:47 AM »
Mid-pipe removed! Planning to do a spark plug change, and install my new steering wheel tonight.

Build Threads / Re: Drew's 1993 Rx7/JZ Build Thread
« on: April 01, 2019, 09:20:45 AM »
Put a couple hours into the FD this weekend.

Had a starting problem with the key, so after a talking with some people turns out the start cut relay failed. So I just jumped the relay....Key works again.

Following that silly issue, I decided to install my new exhaust. I removed my stock catback, and installed my new Tanabae medallion exhaust. Looks great! but car is still quiet. So I thought I might as well to install TT downpipe that I have sitting in the corner of my garage. That job wasn't to hard, just took longer then I wanted.
Started the car up, and it did sound better but was still to quiet. So.. I said F* it, I'm might as well install my mid-pipe, and just do full straight pipe on the FD.  :drive:
Ill be doing that install this week along with my new steering wheel.

Might still have some lingering brake issues.. pedal is hard when the car is off. But when It is on and the booster is pulling vacuum.. the pedal becomes softish again. It does stop the brakes but doesn't feel right. I'm doing the easiest things first and installing new booster lines. I'm hoping its a check valve. Worst case I need to find a new booster...

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