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Parts for Sale / 1994 FD Passenger Side Kick Panel - New - $25 Shipped
« Last post by gkp on Today at 10:02:13 AM »
Part# FD15-64-220A-02. This is the panel that goes on the right side of the console. $25. Free shipping.  [ Guests cannot view attachments ] [ Guests cannot view attachments ]
Parts for Sale / FC 8.8 Rear with Torsen
« Last post by oldschool1921 on Today at 10:01:37 AM »
Asking 2500 obo
Location: Erie Pa

Explorer 8.8
Ronnin swap kit
3.55 gears
1310 u joint pinion yoke installed for subframe clearance
Maximum Motorsports T2 Torsen unit added 2017
Full rebuild in 2017 when the Torsen was installed
Has the Ford inner CV on the axle beams
1 good outer Mazda CV installed
1 bad outer Mazda CV installed (the threaded part broke off) this is the only thing you would need
I have a driveshaft from Driveshaft Specialists of Texas with the Corvette front pinion so you can remove the driveshaft and clear the rear subframe.  Length is for Granny swap using rear holes. (if you want it)
I have all the paperwork from each part on the rear end and rebuild.

Parts for Sale / Re: Mickey Thompson sportsman tires 26x6x17
« Last post by REAPS on Today at 09:51:41 AM »
I'll do that send me you're info

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Build Threads / Re: Blake's 1965 Mustang Project
« Last post by screamin88 on Today at 08:28:30 AM »
Where's the *boner* emoji when you need one?!?
Parts WTB / Re: WTB 93+ complete dash
« Last post by Venom13132 on Today at 06:44:44 AM »
Looking for a 93-95 dash. Since I can't seem to find a center ac vent , I guess I will try to get an entire dash.

DrakLore makes new center vents.  Find him on Insta or google it
Parts for Sale / Re: 99 spec front bumper lights
« Last post by Exidous on Today at 04:28:18 AM »
Do they at least say DOT on them? I'll take them if they do.
Parts for Sale / Re: Hinson Radiator
« Last post by Seefive2000 on September 23, 2018, 08:55:03 PM »
Fc or fd
The Lounge / Re: Pros/cons of MKIV Supra TT or R33/R34 Skyline GTR over V8 RX7?
« Last post by FourAces on September 23, 2018, 07:30:48 PM »
I've long considered going to Japan, I'm an amateur historian on the Pacific Theater in WWII. They really built up that castle in Okinawa nice after it got bombed to shit. I like the profoundly interesting architecture of old japanese structures, pagodas, and castles, some I know were rebuilt post-WWII, but they still look just as good as the originals. Back when I had my MR2 Turbo I said if I ever went to Japan, I would bring a profoundly too large suitcase with me to shove JDM car parts in.

JDM tyt3 y0 has lost some of its charm in recent years though what with iconic 90s JDM cars finally coming to the states. And some of their auto trends are too wacky, even for me, like driving around in a lowered car with 6 degrees of negative camber, and overly sized exhaust pipes going out the rear of the car.

I want to rent a MKIV Supra single turbo and cruise down Wangan if I ever got the chance.
Cars for sale / Re: 93 LS1/T56 - 99 Spec
« Last post by pdx_mr2 on September 23, 2018, 02:41:05 PM »
Would a stock hood fit, or would it need to be modified also?

General Tech / Re: FD A/C kit
« Last post by Trinh on September 23, 2018, 02:27:57 PM »
ohh sweet!! good to know once i wrap mine up.
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