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Build Threads / Re: Blake's 1965 Mustang Project
« on: August 10, 2020, 02:37:46 PM »
Lest anyone think I'm too competent..

I have two issues I needed to troubleshoot:

1.  Steering feedback on shutdown (mentioned that above)
2.  Headlights were blinking on and off randomly.

So, I decided to hook up to my PDM and start testing.    Item 1 was steering feedback.   That I got nowhere with, mostly because I started on item 2 right after, haha.  Basically I think the issue is that I have constant power to the steering motor and IGN only to the controller.  I'm going to make sure the controller shuts off when ignition does and if so, I'll add a relay to shut down the motor at the same time.   That should be easy enough sort out.

Item 2.   Headlights blinking on and off.   So the PDM is great because you can actively monitor switch states.    So I looked to see if the PDM was failing to output to the lights, or if the switch was failing to...  switch... properly.  Basically if it was an input or output problem.   It was input.    In the process of testing this though...  I pressed the brake pedal to sanity check and... nothing.    Shit.    So I thought my PDM had an issue.    Not the case!   My brake light switch failed.   GAH!   So I've been driving with no brake lights for at least a week (I tested them pretty recently).   They occasionally flickered, but not consistently.

Anyway, headlight switch issue was a pin not fully seated in a connector.   That's fixed, but now brake issue.    The brake switch was a pressure switch that used a banjo fitting in the end of the rear brake master.   I ordered a new one and then remembered that I have to pull the master loose to fit it (these are under the dash if you recall).   So after pulling the master loose (not OUT, but loose, which was a 30 minute job) I swapped in the new part, torqued it, cleaned up the pint of brake fluid that leaked under my dash (yay fun) and then pressed the brake pedal.    That then sprayed brake fluid everywhere.   Because the banjo is too long.   Did I mention I spent 30 minutes putting it all BACK together first?

So, anyway, no more brake banjo bolt for that.   I ordered a steel -3 AN inline fitting with a 1/8 NPT port for a standard GM brake pressure sensor from an 80's pickup.   Easy to get if I need one and moving it to the firewall under the dash makes it a 3 minute swap (well plus bleeding the rear brakes).   I'll put a basic banjo bolt in the under dash portion and in the future I'll need less profanity if it fails.   I'm also going to add "make sure the brake lights work" to my short list.   FWIW, I plan to add a light on my Haltech dash for this in the future, but they don't support the CAN messages from my ECUMaster PMU16 yet, so.

Oh, one other thing.   Once I get the car back on the road I'm hopefully going to move it to E85 and sanity test the tuning that way, then the plan is that once the Camaro 2JZ project is done, I'm going to use some of my payment for that work to get the car dyno tuned professionally.   I can more than handle the drivability tuning, but honestly, I need a dyno to tune 60% throttle and above properly, let alone getting the spark up there dialed, etc.    And if I'm going to rent a dyno anyway, it'll be MUCH faster to have a pro dial it in then me do it, and likely a better result.  So sometime this fall/early winter I want to get that done.

I'm also looking at redoing the parking brake stuff a little, I am planning on adding an electric controller to get rid of the lever handle (it annoys me because it's so far back), then probably adding a drift brake (because I'm a dufus) to the rear circuit.   So I'll have an electric "drum style" parking brake for parking but still have a lever I can use for silly antics if I wish.   I might put a line lock in it as well while I'm at it, though we'll see.

Build Threads / Re: AZkids FC3S with a 1.6 miata engine
« on: August 07, 2020, 08:32:00 AM »
Pretty interesting build.  :)

Build Threads / Re: Blake's 1965 Mustang Project
« on: July 31, 2020, 11:39:01 PM »
LMAO, well I got the big ones for a good deal, so I paid the same as the small ones, and I mean, why would I -NOT- get the big ones!   LOL    Now I know.

Anyway, strut tower is redone to clear, all seems good now.  :)   I also put in my force-feedback steering computer and it seems to work nicely.   I'm going to set the assist to the "low" level I think as it's still a touch overboosted, but otherwise it's a big improvement.    It does have an issue though.   When I turn the car off the steering has a seizure and turns left.    Not sure WTF is up with that.   The old unit didn't do that.    My going theory is that these units have a "zero" or "home" point that I'm not in and it's trying to get there on shut down.    It seems to try to go to the same place every time.    It's not that hard to stop it from doing it, but it's weird and bothersome.   I emailed the vendor about it, and I'll see what they say, and perhaps I'll let it "center" itself and see if that stops the bad behavior.  If so I'll just adjust my center point on the steering to be where it wants to live.

Anywho, progress!   :)   Oh, and I bought a '69 Camaro chin spoiler.    It does not fit, but it looks good.   I think I'm going to make one out of aluminum that apes the '69 part style but fits my bumper.

Build Threads / Re: Blake's 1965 Mustang Project
« on: July 31, 2020, 11:56:45 AM »
Haha, Iíll wash it and take a couple.

Build Threads / Re: 90FC's build thread
« on: July 31, 2020, 07:57:37 AM »
That's pretty cool!   I want a set of scales, they look super useful for dialing things in properly.

I mean, for your uses, a floater setup is definitely the best option, IMHO.

Build Threads / Re: Blake's 1965 Mustang Project
« on: July 30, 2020, 10:21:22 AM »
Could you run a lower base pressure and use the shorter version? 70psi is the cap but can go higher if you have boost reference.

I could totally get by with the smaller ones, but I already have these and I donít feel like losing 100 dollars flipping them (they have been installed so not returnable).    Hopefully Iíll get the changes made this week sometime and itíll all fit again.   :)

Build Threads / Re: Blake's 1965 Mustang Project
« on: July 28, 2020, 05:55:44 PM »
They screw into the rails, yeah.   There isnít really anywhere else to put them, plus it seems like dead center of the rail is the best spot, functionally.

Tweaking the strut bar isnít that big a deal, itís just funny because this is the 4th time, hah.

Build Threads / Re: Blake's 1965 Mustang Project
« on: July 28, 2020, 12:22:38 AM »
Good news:

New rails are in and look great:

Bad news:

Big ass fuel pulsation dampers hit the strut brace.   Then again, everything I change always hits the strut brace.   I'll notch it and weld in plates for clearance.   Again.   LOL

Anyway, they look great and hopefully do voodoo to the fuel system.   If not, well, they look great.

I want to start getting the E85 tuning going shortly, and get the new torque sense steering and cruise in soon, maybe this weekend if there's time.  :)

The Lounge / Re: Shout out to Jordan innovations!
« on: July 27, 2020, 11:12:28 AM »
Jeff's a good dude.  He's helped me out several times.

General Tech / Re: Dual fan on/off temps
« on: July 24, 2020, 12:39:58 PM »
Can't you run a relay with a ground output?  Or same issue?

General Tech / Re: Dual fan on/off temps
« on: July 24, 2020, 11:30:42 AM »
Well there's not a ton of reason to turn fans on before the coolant is circulating, and with a 186* F stat, you'll only start flowing coolant around there (probably more like 190-195*), so I'd turn on low there.   I generally set the "off" temp about 8* F below the on (so say, on at 195, off at 187).

High speed is more about what is needed to keep the car properly cool.   If temps come up to say, 210*, I'd probably turn on high speed, maybe back off around 202* for the low speed to take back over.

My .02 anyway.  :)

Build Threads / Re: Blake's 1965 Mustang Project
« on: July 24, 2020, 11:11:57 AM »
The good thing is I've got a main fuse right at the battery, then more fuses all over the place (big MEGAs on the main leads).  If it dead shorts anywhere it'll pop fuses, at least enough of a short to cause a fire should anyway).

I am really happy for feedback on fire-stuff, that's always a high worry in my mind on the car.  I've considered a full suppression system, but for now the extinguisher will hopefully be some amount of insurance.

In other updates, I ordered a "torque sensing" version of my electric power steering controller, which should stop the overboosted on the highway behavior (or stop me from having to constantly jockey the potentiometer for it).    I also ordered a '69 Camaro from chin spoiler.   My front end is all kinds of customized to make fitment right, so most of the Mustang ones would needed modified, and honestly, most of them stick OUT more than down, and I need down more than out (forward) on the spoiler so.    I think it'll work well, I've seen a couple early Mustangs with the Camaro part on them.   We'll see.  :)

General Tech / Re: Dual fan on/off temps
« on: July 24, 2020, 11:05:29 AM »
What thermostat are you running, temp wise?

SakeBomb Garage / Re: V8 FD3S Oil Cooler kit!
« on: July 21, 2020, 06:24:05 AM »
We donít have paid sponsors, FYI.

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