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Hi there, I just registered today and did a quick introduction in the new members section.

As I mentioned there we picked-up a 93 FD with a partially installed Granny's kit last fall. the previous owner realized that they would have to modify the firewall and that is where there project stopped. We bought it as a project because it also came complete with the rotary motor and transmission and since we are in the rotary and turbo camp we have already rebuilt the rotary and purchased a big single turbo kit for the car and now in the process of removing the Granny's kit, the motor (Chevy 305) and the 5 speed transmission and shifter hardware. Lots of chevy parts and just now getting around to sorting through them all. Some are new I believe, and I will be taking pics and add them to this post for reference. I am located in west of St, Louis Mo, and considering weight would prefer to sell locally. I will be pricing this with everything as a package and then will also consider selling items individually. For someone that is looking for a Chevy V8 swap kit this is a very complete set of parts.

Thanks for looking and don't hate on me too bad for sticking with Rotary.  :embarrassed:

Just a quick run-down on what we have:

1) Granny's basic kit for Chevy V8 in FD (see attachment for details)
2) Chevy 305 Motor (complete with intake, carb, exhaust manifolds)
3) Chevy manual transmission (5 speed I am fairly certain, with shifter)
4) New Clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing and flywheel for 305
5) New ARP Hi tensile strength bolts for clutch and flywheel
6) New Chevy 305 Distributor
7) Petit Racing rear fender flares

Easily several thousand dollars worth of parts and pieces. Looking for $ 1,800.00 for the entire package.

We are located in the St. Louis area.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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New Members/Introductions / New to the Forum Introductions
« on: June 10, 2020, 09:34:17 AM »
Just thought I would provide a quick intro. I am currently working on a 93 FD that we purchased with a semi-installed Granny's Speedshop kit. The owner got the kit installed and then realized they would have to modify the firewall and decided to halt progress. We bought the car as a project and are actually pulling the Granny's kit (it is complete from what I can tell), Chevy motor, trans, and other parts and will plan on listing the items in the classified section. We are located in the St. Louis area.

Other than that this looks like a great site for RX7 resources and even though I am not going down the RX7 engine swap path it looks like a great forum with lots of good discussion and being a gear head always interested in peoples projects and challenges. 

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