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Parts WTB / WTB: 1993 FD front body harness
« on: July 10, 2019, 09:49:27 AM »
I need the front body harness that goes along the driver side (USA Left Hand Drive) front fender well. 

Please email me: norcalmotorsport@gmail.com

Parts for Sale / Summit Racing has brand new LS9 blocks for $1900 shipped
« on: February 13, 2019, 03:21:50 PM »
For those of you contemplating building a boosted motor these blocks are bad ass and this price is nuts.  I paid more for mine used than this price shipped!

I ordered one today for a customer 376ci build I'm putting together with a big turbo (Fbody application)... arrives March 4th or so.
I get good pricing on Molnar/K1 crank/rods and other brands, gaskets, anything on the BTR website, ARP fasteners pretty much anything for an LS build if you need help

Attributes only the LSA and LS9 block have: cast from a better grade aluminum and rotocast (gets bubbles out and denser material as a result), piston squirters
The LS9 block has billet main caps and the LSA has nodular iron caps (other production blocks are cast iron caps.... LS7 is also billet). 
LS9 block has larger 13mm head bolt/stud holes vs. 12mm for LSA and other production blocks.



This isn't mine.... DO NOT CONTACT me about it.


That being said... don't make me buy it.  Anybody want to make 750rwhp+ with headers, pulley, cam?  Did I mention it is factory dry sump as well....  This would be one bad b*tch in an RX-7 swap....

Of note... if you do buy this I have a 2016 C7 Z06 torque tube/dshaft, TR6070 M7 trans,/diff/axles/rear cradle/suspension/coolers if you want to simply swap all that in as well!  Would be one hell of a combo...... move weight out back... and near bulletproof rear/diff/trans setup for about the same parts cost as a T56 Magnum/8.8" setup.

There are a couple guys that removed the supercharger... added a big turbo and are running mid 8's on stock longblocks with different intake in 3500lbs Z06's.  Even running the stock trans/diff!

Parts WTB / FD front spindles
« on: January 24, 2019, 01:53:50 AM »
I'm looking for a pair of front FD spindles.  I don't need the dust shields.... I'm going to cut them off anyway.

Shipped to San Ramon, CA 94583

Forum Services / Improving the search capabilities? It's awful.
« on: November 23, 2018, 02:50:47 PM »
This site is VERY difficult to search for anything.... why is that?

LS1Tech, Corvetteforum, rx7club etc is a piece of cake to find things.... is it the platform that this website runs on?  It's horrible to look something up. 

Maybe some pointers to improve a search?

Pics and Videos / WTAC 2018 video in Australia
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:02:00 AM »
This is IMO the best form of road racing currently out.....  The top class has sooo much aero innovation it is simply mind boggling.....

Selling this for my buddy Tim of 10 years+... storing it at my shop in San Ramon, CA.  Drives docile on the street and absolutely rips on the highway!  Sounds good..... streetable track oriented car that looks great. 

1994 FD clean title Touring model (sunroof)
$10K+ paint job (gray), Seibon front fenders, stock rear 1/4 panels, Seibon fibgerglass hood/hatch, OEM '99 RZ front bumper (stock rear glass)
Has been thru the CA BAR process with sticker 1/25/2008 (currently registered in Utah)
Texas Speed 416 with LS3 intake, UMI 90mm cable TB, TSP ported heads, medium size cam, makes well over 500rwhp (approx 10K miles on it) factory ECU tuned for 91 octane by Rick at Synnergy
Fbody oil pan with Improved Racing baffle
JTR long tube headers into single 3.5" exhaust (mild steel), sounds good!
Accusump oiling, huge front mounted oil cooler, AFCO aluminum radiator ducted below, KRC adj power steering
rebuilt Stage2 T56 transmission, McLeod RXT twin disc, stock 4:10 FD rear with DSS 300M axles, runs a modified Granny's cradle to clear the hood
Sparco adj race seats, Sparco 4 pt racing belts, Momo steering wheel (no airbag), bolt in roll bar, rear shock tower brace,
aftermarket AutoMeter Cobalt gauges, AEM A/F ratio gauge, oil/water temps/oil pressure, Pioneer Stereo,
battery behind rear pass seat, no rear interior/bins.  Does have rear carpet and front carpet (rear carpet easily removed)
ABS working, no A/C
replaced bushings with poly and pillow balls as well, Koni yellow coilovers
Wilwood 13" brake kit all around (he made the kit... he is a mechanical engineer), parking brake is a modified forklift hydrolock (apply brakes... engage solenoid... keeps pressure in the system).
17x9 Kodiak 3 piece wheels running 255/40/17 Hankook Ventus RS4's (street tires)
I would purchase some 18x10 rims and run 285/30/18's on the track.... he sold his track rims.
Recently changed all fluids: engine oil/filter, trans, diff, brakes (full bleed/flush)

Issues:  front bumper has some clear coat cracking from someone backing up into the car (paint is still fine), lower lip is showing age
rear bumper around the license plate (the bumper itself) has some rubbing marks from being trailered and rubbing.  The paint is around 5 years old and looks great aside from that!  This is a track car and in the interior is not mint condition.
no cats.... traction limited on current tires!
listing price: $30,000

For more details..... if you are serious and not a low baller reach out to me.  This isn't a $20K car by any means and please don't only have that type of budget when contacting:  norcalmotorsport@gmail.com



Cars for sale / FD roller in Louisiana
« on: July 23, 2018, 09:44:09 PM »
Do not contact me about this car.  I have nothing to do with it.  I'm just posting it up for others.  It is cheap.... but does need a lot of work.


This car is setup and Walter can drive the piss out of it!  Just crushing it out there.

I bought a very clean '69 Datsun 1600 Roadster on a whim that has been garaged for 19 years non op and is very clean/rust free for $600.
My uncle owned one and his daughter drove it... then my older cousin bought it (2 yrs older) and finally it was sold and we both went to college. 

It does bring back good memories... and I sort of want to mess with it; however a full engine swap is hundreds of hours... My main intention is a 5.3 turbo (1000hp), powerglide with solid narrowed 8.8" out back (have all parts) ..... or a Hayabusa 1340cc setup with driveshaft adapter (I have the bike already). Or just cut this damn thing in half with a Sawzall and make it into wall art.

My current landlord (prick) at my shop said I cannot have a non running vehicle stored outside for prolonged periods of time.  That being said I believe the best option is cutting it in half and mounting it on the wall :)   so it would need to be started on soon!

picture DEFINITELY not how mine looks!

What should I do guys?  My '69 Chevelle project (money suck) is nearly done (spring 2018) which will be my main marketing tool and I really don't need this Datsun; however they are pretty rad as far as tiny classic cars go.  Wall art would be quite a conversation piece and cheapest option!

Parts for Sale / Gen5 Camaro accessories with brackets
« on: November 22, 2017, 11:35:00 AM »
These are new GM Gen5 Camaro accessories that were used for mockup. I am missing the bracket to block bolts which can easily be sourced from eBay or Pace Performance.
1- a/c bracket with compressor/tensioner pulley
1- p/s pump with mounting bracket
1- alternator with mounting bracket

*of note on the alternator aluminum case there are a couple ribs that broke off during shipping to me. It is in an area where it doesn't have anything rotating. Will not affect operation.

$550 shipped to the lower 48 states. Will most likely ship in 2 USPS Priority boxes due to weight.

I also have a TurnOne powersteering pump that was setup for less floating p/s rack feel and prevents fluid boil over!
$500 shipped

This is in the machine shop awaiting pistons so you can make it high compression n/a or I would say it's safe for 1000rwhp and under forced induction.

LS3 block 4.070" bore
LS7 crank journals cut .010/.010" to clean them up, dry sump snout (can be run wet sump with a $40 spacer that people do all the time)
LS7 Titanium rods rebushed with Katech bushings, ARP 2000 bolts
RaceTec forged pistons (your choice of compression)  boost or n/a
LS9 300 mile take off heads with dual BTR springs (Titanium intake valves), LS3 valve covers
Your choice of BTR hydraulic roller camshaft
LS7 lifters (can opt for whatever you want also)
LS9 head gaskets, stock GM head bolts (you can opt for ARP bolts studs for whatever the price difference is)
LS3 intake, LS3 injectors, LS3 fuel rail, LS3 DBW 90mm TB
Melling 10295 high pressure standard volume oil pump, LS2 timing chain, LS2 timing chain tensioner (can opt for IWIS or C-5R chain for price difference)
front/rear covers fully assembled ready to install
*no harmonic balancer or accessories. No coil packs
With 11.25:1 for 91 octane this engine should make an easy 500rwhp, 12.25:1 approx 3% power increase on 93 octane.
This would be a great road race motor due to the super light Ti intake valves.
$8K plus shipping

Location: San Ramon, CA 94583

More questions please email me:

Parts for Sale / T56 Magnum pricing increase on 11/30/17
« on: November 10, 2017, 01:14:36 PM »
Prices go up $100 on T56 Magnums for 2018.  This begins on all orders placed AFTER 11/30/17

If you are on the fence.... now is the time to save $100.  New MSRP is $3195 in 2018

Email me for more info and pricing/shipping details.




Parts for Sale / Nitto NT01 $100 rebate on Ebay thru discount tires.....
« on: October 16, 2017, 10:22:11 PM »
I just bought some tires and got $100 off for the pair.  Go on eBay and type in NT01.... then find the size you need.  Great deal and free shipping.

$100 off purchases over $400 Enter Code: PMOTORS17

Parts for Sale / 6.2 liter L92 (cam/refreshed/dual springs) $2900
« on: September 22, 2017, 02:13:31 AM »
This isn't mine.... I don't know the person.   Do not contact me about this engine....

Main difference between LS3 and L92 (truck version) is the intake valves are about 30 grams heavier than the lighter LS3 version.  Plenty of people have gone fast with L92 heads.

That being said... someone should buy this!

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